I Am Glad Navya Naveli Said It. Aren’t we done with the Beauty Or Brains Conversation?

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Has someone ever ‘complimented’ you saying you are “beauty with brains”? It’s like a girl can only be one not the other. Going viral right now is Navya Naveli response on why women should not be categorised can totally rock both or either. Navya Naveli sexism

Entrepreneur Naveli schooled a fan who advised her to try her hands in the film industry given that she is beautiful. But instead of taking it as a compliment, she gave him a sly response.

Navya Naveli response: All you should know

Navya Naveli, the founder of Project Naveli and the Co-founder of Aara Health took to her Instagram to post a picture in a pink T-shirt with matching pants. She used a sunflower emoji as the caption. Her followers poured in appreciation for her in the comments. One of them suggested her that she should “try Bollywood” because she is “beautiful”. Pat came Naveli’s response.

“Thank you for your kind words, but beautiful women can run businesses too.” Yes, we second Naveli. Why do people think women with an appealing appearance can only have a successful career in the entertainment industry?

Why do we trivialise a woman’s achievements?

Navya Naveli runs a non profit organisation and a woman’s health clinic. She comes from a family of celebrities but runs her own business. Had she any plans of pursuing a career in acting, she would have done it a long time back. But it is clear that she has no inclination towards the field. Both she and her mother, Shweta Bachchan have confirmed that she won’t be stepping into the industry. Then why give her an unsolicited advice?

Women may establish themselves as entrepreneurs through their skills but all we see in them is their “beauty”. It is so easy for us to trivialise all their hard work and dedication! They put in years of efforts to set up their business and build an identity in the field of their choice. But ultimately, all we notice is their appearance and how well they can do if they chose to be present before the camera.

Also, is meeting the beauty standards set by the society enough to bag a chance in films? There are several other factors which go into making a person an actor. One must have the required skills and interests along with the courage to bear the hassles.

Value a woman for what she is

Complimenting women for their beauty is acceptable. But asking them to switch their career because they “stand a chance” in the world of glamour proves that we just can’t value them for their achievements. What makes it so hard for us to encourage them? They can reach new heights of success and inspire other women. Beautiful women are not just “suited for a particular job”. It’s time to drop all patriarchal speculations and support women in doing what they love.

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