Mohammad Kaif Posts Picture On Wife's Birthday, Upset Twitterati Call It Haraam

In this day and age, does it make sense for a man to be schooled about how he should cover up his wife?

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Mohammad Kaif picture with wife Pooja Kaif, Mohammad Kaif picture with wife
Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif posted a romantic picture with his wife Pooja Kaif on her birthday on Twitter. While many posted birthday wishes for Kaif's wife and admired the gesture by the player, there were others who asked Kaif to be careful about posting his wife's picture on social media. Many also told him to cover his wife instead of showing her off.

The comment section of Kaif's recent was filled with fans telling why he should not have posted the picture. One user wrote, "bhaijaan ramzaan me begum pe parda rakhne ki jagah aisi photo daalte ho kuch toh haya sharam rakho. aise ohdey pe reh k ye sab kafiro wali harkat mat kia kro." Brother, you are posting your wife's picture in Ramzan instead of covering her up in purdah, have some shame, don't act like a disbeliever. The social media user was not alone in pointing the absence of a purdah on Kaif's wife.

Mohammad Kaif picture with wife Pooja Kaif trolled

Likewise, many social media users warned Kaif that a fatwa might get issued against him for posting the picture. His fans called the picture haraam, something forbidden by Muslim law. Many also hailed the player for being "brave" enough to post a picture with his wife on social media that too of this nature during the month of Ramzan. As you can see in the picture, the cricketer is seen kissing the forehead of his wife and standing next to her at a scenic location.

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What is it that irks social media users about two people showing love towards each other? Clearly, Kaif and his wife's picture does not rank anywhere on the immoral list then why all the moral policing? In this day and age, does it make sense for a man to be schooled about how he should cover up his wife?

The appalling comments on Mohammad Kaif's picture are no surprise considering the bulk of hateful and derogatory comments posted everyday on different people's pictures and or any other posts. While social media has helped people talk and discuss their opinion for free, it has also made space for hateful ideas to grow and torment others.

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