Actually Dead: Mira Rajput Shares “Expectation Vs Reality” Video From Yoga Session

Mira Rajput yoga video
Mira Rajput yoga video: Mira Rajput took to her Instagram handle on Thursday to share one of her classic fitness regime videos where she is seen striking a yoga pose. The the video, Rajput can be seen performing the “plough pose” perfectly, however we then get to see the real effort that the star wife had to put in, to ace the pose.

Rajput, who is actor Shahid Kapoor’s wife, has time an again shared her love for yoga with her followers on social media. In her latest post she shared glimpses from one of her daily yoga sessions and how the reality is far different from what you expect. “YOGA 101: Expectations vs Reality! Who’s with me? (sic),” she captioned the video.

The video begins with Rajput smiling and walking enthusiastically to do yoga in an athleisure outfit. While in the first part, viewers see her mater the Halasana effortlessly, the second part, breaks down Rajput’s effort, bit by bit, to strike the pose. Here she seems to be struggling to retain her balance while performing the asana, while captions tells us what is going on in her mind as she goes through her routine.

The captions read “s**t this is hard”, “omg I’m dying”, “when is it over”, “actually dead”, “I can’t do this anymore”, “why are they counting so slowly”, “pizza tonight”, “oh that feels good”, and “I love yogaaaa”  as Rajput gradually moves through various stages of Halasana and eventually reaches her final pose.

Rajput married actor Shahid Kapoor in 2015 and the two are parents to daughter Misha Kapoor and son Zain Kapoor. In May this year, the 26-year-old had revealed how she splits the parenting duties equally with her husband as moms need time off as well. “Dad is going to do what dad does, he is not going to fill in for mom because he has his own role” said Rajput. She went on to add that dads shouldn’t be treated as babysitters, but more like a parent. Read more on her statement here.

Feature Image Credit: Mira Rajput/Instagram

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