‘Love And Anarchy’ New Season Will Premiere Online This June; Read Details Here

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Love and Anarchy is a Swedish romantic comedy television series which streams online. The comedy series starring Ida Engvoll and Bjorn Mosten will return with a second season to OTT soon. With a trailer revealing glimpses of the upcoming season’s story, the streaming platform has already confirmed the season’s release date. Read on to find out.

In season one of the series, Ida Engvoll played Sofie, a married mother of two who lives in Stockholm in season one. She is bright and unique, but she suppresses this part of herself due to her husband’s casual ‘jokes’ about her hopes of creating her own novel, Love and Anarchy. She makes every effort to be a good mother, wife, and consultant at work. She joins the publishing house of Lund & Lagerstedt with the intention of reforming it.

She meets Max, played by Björn Mosten, an IT technician who at first appears to be a bother but quickly becomes her friend. Max and Sofie begin a game of dares and casual flirting, unaware that their unnamed relationship is actually helping her to be her authentic self. Sofie realises she made a mistake by quitting the publishing business at the end of Season 1 and returns just in time to pitch their StreamUs pitch.

Sofie and Max are back with their flirting tricks, and it’s going to be more complicated this time in Season 2. Season 2 will focus on Sofie’s post-divorce life while maintaining her relationship with Max. However, she will soon be confronted with significant job obstacles as she grows closer to Max through dares and sex to the point where she is unsure about their relationship and its future.

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Love and Anarchy Season 2 Trailer

On May 4, 2022, a trailer for the second season was released, which piqued the interest of viewers. At the beginning of the trailer, Sofie (Ida Engvoll) walks into the Lund & Lagerstedt office, followed by Ronny (Björn Kjellman) on his bicycle, and Max (Björn Mosten) laughing at one of Ronny’s jokes. The clip does hint at a lot of potential for drama and chaos as well as a lot of love and romance in the upcoming season.

Love and Anarchy New Season Release Date

Season 2 of Love and Anarchy will premiere on Netflix on June 16, 2022.