7 Strong Female Characters On OTT Platforms Who Ruled In 2022!

From Siddhi Patel of Four More Shots Please Season 3 to Dimple from Mismatched Season 2. We're confident that you won't get over from it easily.

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Strong Female Characters on OTT
It's the end of 2022. And before we say goodbye to the year, let's think back on all the powerful female characters who ruled the OTT platform this year.

We'd like to share a few of the female characters from OTT with you here. You won't believe them after reading or watching them, we're confident. From Siddhi Patel of Four More Shots Please Season 3 to Dimple from Mismatched Season 2. We're confident that you won't get over it easily.

Strong Female Characters On OTT 2022

Siddhi Patel, Four More Shots Please Season 3

By standing on the ground and defying pressure, the character advances and earns respect. Her father's passing and the effects it had on Siddhi Patel played by Maanvi Gagroo and her mother Sneha were the main topics of Season 3. She undoubtedly handled each issue with strength and served as an example for other women.

Dimple, Mismatched Season 2

The personality of Dimple played by Prajakhta Kohli is quite difficult in Season  2. Both look to other people for comfort before realising they are in love with one another. After an emotionally charged and traumatic separation, Rishi comes to terms with his genuine sentiments and learns to ">embrace them. Dimple represents a young woman with mental health issues who takes help from her friends when needed without any shame or guilt which makes many other women feel they are not alone. She is determined by her ambition and takes responsibility for spending a hefty amount on her course and how she would make it worthwhile.


Pallavi Patel, Maja Ma

Pallavi Patel is portrayed by the brilliant Madhuri Dixit who is an ideal friend, wife, and mother. Her family, which she not only loves and raises but also holds together, is the centre of her universe. She is willing to put her personal interests aside if it means ensuring the happiness and health of her family and loved ones. Pallavi comes out with the truth of her sexuality and is not ready to be judged by anyone, she explains how she never had enough space to be herself through most of her life. She is an inspiration to mid-aged women to not be guilty about being themselves.

Masaba Gupta, Masaba Masaba Season 2

Masaba played the role of herself in Masaba Masaba, which is just a bit more fictionalised version of her own personality. She is simple to observe, understand, and love in Masaba Masaba. Masaba has mastered playing to her strengths, just like her mother, Neena Gupta. Neena Gupta also is an inspiring character in the show who shares the story of herself as an independent woman of the 1980s, seeking acceptance, raising a child on her own and still owning the big screens. Masaba following her footsteps is another independent, urban woman of the 2020s who is aiming to achieve many things at once.

Jyoti Deswal, Dasvi

Dasvi is a political satire that places a strong emphasis on education and its ability to change, and Yami Gautam plays the part of Haryanavi IPS officer Jyoti Deswal. In order to convince the imprisoned politician Ganga Ram Chaudhary, played by Abhishek Bachchan, of the importance of education, Jyoti is crucial. Yami Gautam played it very well and set a remark on us.


Sheel, Mai

Sakshi Tanwar's character Mai highlights a variety of aspects and nuances of motherhood. Sakshi Tanwar plays Sheel Chaudhary in Mai, a devastated mother who battles merciless thugs to revenge the brutal murder of her daughter. She becomes an inspiration to several other women out there, whom society questions all the time.

Anamika Anand, Fame Game

Bollywood actress Anamika Anand portrayed by Madhuri Dixit has a successful profession and what appears to be a perfect family, but there is more to her personal life than meets the eye. Her husband, Nikhil More, abuses her verbally and physically. For a woman, it is incredibly challenging to survive in a culture where she has experienced such severe assault.

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