Guess What Filter Madhurai Dixit And Others Using On Her Social Media Reel Videos?

Every day a new trend hits social media and people update their feed with short videos of following the trend.

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iphone lock screen filter
Keep still and when the viewers believe that it is your screen lock on an iPhone then move to the music. This is a social media filter that has made users go crazy. Not just you and me, but the celebrities have joined this trend online. From Sania Mirza to Madhuri Dixit, everyone is trying this new filter with one favourite song playing.

Whether it be the little mermaid filter that switches your voice or decoding Bollywood film names written in a gibberish format within a time span, reels keep us entertained and occupied most of the time. With trends updating frequently and people on social media making a point to keep up with the trend, here is a new one, iPhone lock screen filter.

iPhone lock screen filter goes viral:

It tests the power of an individual to stay still for a few seconds before surprising the viewer with a movement on a peppy background score. This filter has gone viral and so had the song by Chitralekha Sen and DJ Shadow, Banna Re.

If you are yet to make one and already feel left out, here is how you make a reel using this filter on Instagram: search for the filter 'iPhone lock screen' and save it. Then prep for the reel and as it rolls, standstill. As the chorus to your peppy track begins, do your favourite move. Voila, it's done.

Now, if one needs creative support on how to ace the filter and make an amazing reel, watch Madhuri Dixit do it perfectly. Veteran actor and dancer Madhuri Dixit posted it with the caption, "Reel to real". In the video, she stays still for some time making viewers think that it is her iPhone screen lock and she winks and swivels sitting on a revolving chair with a graceful body movement and a smile on her famous.

Every day a new trend hits social media and people update their feed with short videos, following the trend. Ever since Instagram began with reels, a lot of celebrities and public figures have been making entertaining and educating videos.


This time the Instagram reels is trending with celebrities sharing their videos with a lock screen filter on. If Madhuri is about reel to real, Ace tennis player Sania Mirza shared a snippet of her day through the reel. She captions it, "When you have a sick kid and functioning in two hours sleep (emoji) Going with the trend though."  The player makes the video sitting inside a car with a t-shirt and a green sling bag on. At first, she is sharing elsewhere and suddenly moves and looks at her camera with her right eyebrow raised.

If one wants to make it with their partner or best friend or anyone else rather than standing still alone. Then take some inspiration from actor and dancer Gauahar Khan as she nails it in the reel shared by her husband and actor Zaid Darbar. She stands still by the wall staring at the camera and as the beat drops, she is joined by Darbar. He shared it with the caption, "Guess what's my actual lock screen pic? Keep the fun in your relationship. My crazy partner."

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