Influencer Aarti Sahu Booked For Hurting Religious Sentiments: 10 Things To Know

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Aarti Sahu booked: Instagrammer Aarti Sahu was booked by Madhya Pradesh Police on September 27, after a complaint was lodged against her for hurting religious sentiments. Certain videos of Sahu, who enjoys a massive following on social media, went viral recently. In these clips, she was seen dancing to Bollywood songs outside a temple.

While the Chhatarpur based Instagrammer has now deleted the videos, social media is calling her out for “obscene” behaviour, demanding that strict action is taken against her.

Here are ten things to know about the case against Aarti Sahu:

1. Influencer Aarti Sahu has close to 2.5 million followers on Instagram.

2. Recently she had shared a couple of videos in which she could be seen dancing to Bollywood songs ‘Second hand jawani‘ and ‘Meri sham Awadh se ayi hai‘.

3. The videos were shot outside Chhatarpur’s Janrai Toriya Mandir, which is dedicated to Ram and Sita.

4. After the videos went viral a Bajrang Dal leader filed a police complaint against Sahu alleging the influencer had danced in front of the temple in an obscene manner deliberately.

5. The complaint, filed by a man named Surendra Shivhare, further accused Aarti Sahu of hurting religious sentiments.

6. Sahu was booked on Sunday under section 298 (hurting religious feelings) of the Indian Penal Code.

7. The influencer later shared a video post on Instagram in which she offered an apology to people if her videos had hurt her sentiments.

8. She further revealed that her videos were the main source of income for her family.

9. Sahu has also deleted the controversial videos from her Instagram page.

10. According to the Sub Divisional Officer of Police, Chhatarpur, further action will be taken by the police following examination of videos and other evidence in the case.

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