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Mandira Bedi’s Workout Routine Is Not For The Fainthearted: Here’s The Proof

Mandira Bedi, Mandira Bedi workout
Mandira Bedi workout routine: Film and television actor Mandira Bedi is known for her dedication to fitness. Bedi often posts videos and details of her workout and exercise routine on Instagram The Shanti fame actor believes in exercising throughout the week and claims to binge on cakes and chocolates on weekends. According to Bedi, you can have the best of both worlds too by assuring a perfect balance.

The 45-year-old fitness model reportedly has two alternative workout schedules that keep her going. Check out her first plan here.

Mandira Bedi Workout Routine

Routine 1:

  • Jumping jacks (15 reps) for a minute
  • Inch walk for one minute
  • Jumping jacks for one minute
  • Shoulder raises for one minute
  • Minute inch walk for one minute
  • 15 side lateral raises
  • 1Another set of jumping jacks for one minute
  • Upright row with kettlebell (25 reps)
  • Inch walk for another one minute
  • 15 push-up
Mandira Bedi workout routine

PC: Mandira Bedi/Instagram

Routine 2:

  • Jump squats for one minute
  • Alternate toe touch with dumbbells for one minute
  • Plank jacks for one minute
  • Left shoulder dumbbell raises with squats for one minute
  • Burpee with vertical step for one minute
  • Right shoulder dumbbell raises with squats for one minute
  • Alternate squats on the step for one minute
  • Sit-ups on a reclining bench for one minute
  • Jumping jacks for one minute
  • Calf raises on a step for one minute

It is to be noted that both the routines take a total of 10:30 minutes and Bedi suggests taking a 30-second break between every set of repetitions and two minutes to break in between six sets.

Mandira Bedi workout routine; Mandira Bedi fitness, Bollywood fitness models

PC: Mandira Bedi/Instagram

Mandira Bedi On Fitness

Bedi doesn’t allow her travelling plans to interrupt her workout hours. If she doesn’t have access to the gym while travelling, she sweats it out in her hotel room. “You can do a complete bodyweight workout without any equipment,” she said in an interview, “also, you can always pack in things like running shoes, resistance bands and skipping ropes, which are light and hardly take up space in your luggage.”

Mandira Bedi’s Advice For Beginners

“Give yourself small goals” Bedi opined to those who are reluctant in taking steps towards getting in shape and lead a healthier life, “Don’t think about losing 20 kg at once, focus on losing a kilo in one week, and so on”

She further clarified and cleared the common misconception of people thinking that “because they work out, they can eat anything.” On the contrary, diet is the more important factor for being healthy. “Your diet is 70 percent important, and exercising, only 30 percent,” she said.

While advocating the importance of a healthy diet, Bedi also denounced the practice of starvation in the name of losing weight. Instead, she advised finding foods that are of your liking and adopt a sustainable diet because” you can’t beat what you eat.”