Gullak Is Soon Coming Out With Its Next Season! What You Need To Know

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Much-loved web series Gullak is soon coming back to OTT with its season 3. The series revolves around a North Indian family and captures the nostalgia of growing up in a middle-class household, where parents and children often clash due to different opinions and priorities. The premise of the show and its feel-good approach made it an instant hit among the viewers.

The word Gullak literally translates into an earthen piggy bank which many kids are handed in Indian households to teach the virtue of saving money. Unlike its first season, Gullak season 2 was based on multiple anecdotes than a single continuous story. The series primarily revolves around four characters- Shanti Mishra, played by Geetanjali Kulkarni; Santosh Mishra, played by Jameel Khan; the couple’s older son Annu, played by Vaibhav Raj Gupta and younger son Aman Mishra, played by Harsh Mayar.

Each character has a separate track running that does collide since they are part of a family and there is no way to keep their issues and struggles to themselves. All the main characters in Gullak have their own set of traits too, with which they add a distinct flavour to the series. For example, Shanti is the opposite of what her name means which is quiet, she is loud and often has a bank of sarcastic replies to throw at correct moments. The husband, Santosh, is a middle-class man who works at a government office. Annu has failed to crack the SSC exams after numerous attempts and is now trying to find a job. Meanwhile, Aman is preparing for his board exams, but cricket and PUBG acts as a constant distraction in his life.

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The show focuses on the day to day activities of the Mishra family in the most convincing and relatable manner.

Created by Shreyansh Pandey, season 3 of the show has been written by Durgesh Singh and directed by Palash Vaswani. The season will have five episodes in total.

The trailer of the upcoming season showed the same level of humour that we have gotten used to in the past two seasons but this time the kind of obstacles that the characters face are going to change and so will the family’s reaction to the situations. Annu will have a job that pays Rs 17,000 per month and suddenly his worth in the family will rise. The new season will also see Santosh being suspended from work.

Gullak Next Season Release Date

The show is going to release on April 7 this year and can be watched on SonyLIV.

Feature Image Credit: SonyLIV

Check out the trailer of Gullak here:

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