My Husband Quit His Job, Moved To America With Me For My Career

gender roles in marriage
Women for as long as we can remember had to either give up on their careers or settle for less and move to a new city for their partner’s career. The archaic gender roles always demanded the woman’s subservience. How often do we hear of men doing the same? How often do men leave their jobs because their partner gets a promotion which comes along with a location change?

There are some men who are striving to change things and support their partners. Aaddya Kunchal’s husband Tanay did something like that.

Aaddya who has been working with tech-giant Google received an opportunity to move to America since the company was expanding their team. While she was in a fix, it was her husband who gave her the confidence to accept it in a heartbeat.

“I’ve been with Google India for the last 6 years. Last year I got the opportunity to move to America because we were expanding our team there & without even thinking twice, Tanay said, ‘you should definitely consider it.’ Not even once did he say, Oh! You’re going to move to America. It was always we,” recalls Aaddya.

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She says that when she received the opportunity to move to America, she was only courting her now-husband and added that they planned their wedding in a very short span.

“The funny thing is we were just dating back then. But stars aligned & I got the job In America. We knew we were in love & wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, so we ended up planning the whole wedding in just three weeks. After we got married, we stayed in India for six months because we wanted to spend time at home before we made the move to Colorado,” she spoke about their whirlwind of a wedding.

Tanay quit his job as a software engineer in India and moved to America with Aaddya. This is what she had to say, “Tanay is a software engineer. He was in a very good position in his company but he didn’t even blink when it came to quitting his job to move with me & said ‘I’ll figure it out when we’re in here.’ It was as if he cut off his wings just so I could fly and I would never stop being grateful for that. Even now, if I come back home after a tiring day at work, he makes me a meal from scratch & gets everything done.”

She added, “Our marriage is an equal partnership. We take all the important decisions together. Be it financial or household chores; we don’t have gender roles in our relationship. We both do carpenter work and kitchen work together & that’s the beauty of our relationship.”

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