Five Things Shershaah Gets Right About Vikram Batra Dimple Cheema Relationship

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Ever since the Kiara Advani and Siddharth Malhotra starrer Shershaah hit the screens, the late Vikram Batra and Dimple Cheema relationship is being talked about.

The film portrayed the relationship between the real-life couple by having the reel characters play out the exact moments of their life. Kiara Advani during her interviews has said that all the scenes between her character and Malhotra’s are based on real-life moments shared by Cheema and Batra.

Vikram Batra And Dimple Cheema Relationship: Five Things Shershaah Got Right

Mansa Devi Temple

Like they show in Shershaah, Dimple Cheema and Vikram Batra actually used to visit the Mansa Devi temple in Haridwar. It was one of their rituals.

University of Punjab

The film aptly shows that the couple met during their time at the University of Punjab when both of them were enrolled for a masters degree in English. Neither of them could complete their degree.

Never married

After Vikram Batra got died in the 1999 Kargil war, Dimple Cheema decided to stay unmarried for the rest of her life. She currently works as a teacher and has devoted her life to Batra.

Nada Saheb Gurudwara Parikrama

In one of her interviews, Cheema had said that the couple used to visit the gurudwara. Recalling one of their visits, Cheema said, “On completing the parikrama he suddenly said, ‘Congratulations Mrs Batra!’ I swirled around to see him holding one end of my dupatta. He gave me a very beautiful smile and said, ‘Didn’t you realise that this is the fourth time we are doing this parikrama?’”


Though Vishal Batra, the martyr’s brother, has said that the couple was never married, they did go through one of the wedding customs. When Batra had come home once during his training days, Dimple Cheema expressed her wish to get married. It was when Batra cut his thumb with a blade and filled her maang with blood. Dimple Cheema has talked about the incident, she calls it one of the most cherished memories of her life.