I’m A Trans Woman And A Mom. This Is Possible: Ezra Furman

Ezra Furman comes out as a trans woman and mom
Ezra Furman took to Instagram to announce to her fans and followers that she is a part of the transgender community. “I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am a woman,” she wrote on Instagram.

Ezra Furman shared a few pictures of herself with a long and heartfelt message in the caption. She also included pictures of her and her child but did not show the face of the child. In the caption, she announced that she is a woman and has been a mom for about two years now.

Furman emphasised how hard the journey of accepting who she is has been in her message. “For my own reasons, I have been hesitant to use these words, especially the “woman” word,” she wrote. The musician also stated that she would rather identify herself as a non-binary and not as a transgender before. Furman said that she has never dreamed that it was possible to be happy while being trans and out of the closet but now she truly is happy.

Furman continued to talk about her journey, “I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am a woman and yes for me it’s complex, but it’s complex to be any sort of woman.” the 34-year-old also said that she is extremely “proud” to be a trans woman and to be able to accept it. Furman wrote, “I am very proud to be a trans woman and to have come to know it and be able to say it. This has not been an easy journey.”

The American songwriter also talked about her journey with motherhood and the “magic” of being a parent. She said that she loves this journey as it has been “beautiful and holy”. She talked about how she has never seen any transgender woman raising a child and therefore did not have any visions about parenthood because of it initially. But Furman said that she is trying to become this example for others. “I’m a trans woman and a mom. This is possible,” she wrote.

By the end of the heartfelt message, the musician also promised fans new music coming their way. Furman has made many soundtracks for series and shows including the Netflix show Sex Education.