Elite Season 6 Cast: Here's What Fans Of The Show Can Expect

Fans can expect an introduction to five new characters in Elite Season 6.

Avishka Tandon
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Elite season 5 premiered on April 8 this year and the fans are already excited to see what the next season has in store for them. Will our underdog leads survive yet another year at Las Encinas? Who will be returning to the show for its next season? Will any new characters be added to the mix?

Elite is a Spanish high school thriller revolving around the struggles of a bunch of middle-class students who get a chance to study at the most elite school in Spain. However, a seemingly exciting school life turns into a complicated mess when they find themselves surrounded by power politics, rich kids and their nuances, feelings and infatuations, and yes, murders too. The first season of the show premiered in 2018 on Netflix and the series has since become a global OTT phenomenon. While fans have just devoured the fifth season, the thriller is far from over.

Season 5 of the series, as expected, was full of drama and thrill as the investigation of Armando's murder and the events of the New Year party are revisited. A lot of confession, confusion, conflicting thoughts and trauma goes into the murder investigation. We are also introduced to two new students- Ivan Carvalho and Isadora Artinan who further complicate things at Las Encinas. The season features complicated relationships, hook-ups, patch-ups, break-ups and a lot more that keeps the drama going. Armando's murder case is far from being solved, however.

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Season 6 of the series was announced in October 2021 alongside three new short stories. The filming of Elite's next season began in February 2022 and the show is likely to release somewhere in 2023.


Elite Season 6 cast

In season 6 of Elite, five new characters will be introduced as per the announcement made on the official Instagram handle of the series. The five new actors joining the cast are Carmen Arrufat, Ander Puig, Ana Bokesa, Álex Pastrana, Álvaro de Juana. Ander Puig will be the first trans main character of the series. No announcement has yet been made regarding the return of old or recurring characters on the show as of yet.

Elite Elite Season 6