Everything You Wanted To Know About Peaky Blinders Next Season Release Date

The last season of Peaky Blinders is a tribute Helen McCrory, who played Aunt Polly on the show.

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The legacy of Tommy Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy, will be soon making a comeback to OTT, one last time. Peaky Blinders has had a loyal fan following for five seasons but now fans are gearing up to bid adieu to this crime drama. The show’s final season premiered on the original network BBC on February 27 this year. However, it is not yet available on OTT.

It takes time for the shows to come online after television premieres and the same happened in season six of Peaky Blinders. The UK viewers can watch the televised version of the show, however, non-UK viewers will need to show a bit of patience and active restraint from getting spoilers. All the wait is worth it, and many Peaky Blinders fans know that very well.

Creator of the show Steven Knight told Digital Spy, “I love doing it. I love the world. We were originally going to end it with this series, but I just thought that there are so many people who are just getting into it now. It’d be such a shame to stop.” Time and again, he has said to the media that there might be a season seven.

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But things have not gone according to plan. Reportedly, the reason for season six to be the last of Peaky Blinders is because of the death of Helen McCrory- who played a crucial character in the show. The other reason being cited the busy schedule of the cast members, who have several other high profile projects in making. Knight told the Radio Times that they felt that everything seemed to be heading towards the “end of the beginning.”


The last season, according to Murphy, is a tribute to the co-star Helen McCrory. She played the role of Aunt Polly. Earlier in 2021, McCrory passed away due to breast cancer at the age of 52.

The sixth season six of Peaky Blinders is going to delve further into the political aspirations of Tommy Shelby as he continues his criminal activities on the streets of Birmingham. Not only this but the finale is also said to touch upon McCrory's death.

In an interview, Murphy had said, “Her presence and her character’s presence are very much still felt in the series, and it is very much part of Tommy’s journey in the season. It’ll be different without her.”

The last season features Cillian Murphy, Paul Anderson, Finn Cole, and Sophie Rundle, amongst others. The cast will be joined by new characters and actors James Frecheville and Amber Anderson for this last season.

Peaky Blinders Next Season Release Date

Season 6 of Peaky Blinders is going to be released on Netflix on June 10. Anyone with a valid subscription to the platform can stream it from the said date.

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