Viral Video: Karnataka Elderly Couple Sell Unlimited Traditional Food For Rs 50

Elderly Couple Serves Unlimited Meals
An elderly couple from Karnataka has gone viral on social media and for all the right reasons. Popularly called Ajja (Grandfather) and Ajji (Grandmother), the elderly couple from Karnataka’s Manipal have become the new internet sensation because of their eatery and the food they serve.

The couple run a quaint eatery in Manipal named Hotel Ganesh Prasad since 1951 and they are dedicated to keeping it running. The couple serves home-cooked meals for just Rs 50 in their small restaurant. Moreover, it is unlimited. Unfazed by any circumstances, the couple keeps serving customers with a smile on their faces.

Elderly Couple Serves Unlimited Meals

A food blogger recently visited their eatery and experiences their delectable home-cooked food. Rakshith Rai uploaded the video of the couple’s hotel when he visited the place recently. Sharing his experience, he captioned the video, “This place turned out to be an emotional experience for me. Homely food at a very reasonable price. More than that, the affection you receive from this old couple is incredible. They definitely deserve more love from us. You will feel the warmth of your grandparents. Ajja ajji mane is something more than just an eatery.”

The video was loved by many on Instagram who left encouraging and sweet comments for the couple.

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“Admire their spirit that they are keeping themselves going with their own honest efforts,” a user wrote. “The way these two are so is good. Their warmth and smile are priceless so are the taste of food,” wrote another user. Some said visiting the elderly couple’s restaurant is an emotional experience because of the warmth and affection everyone receives from Ajja and Ajji.

The video was also widely circulated on Twitter and people lauded their efforts and for serving meals at such low prices. Many users reshared the video and recalled their visits to the restaurant popularly called ‘Ajja Ajji Mane’.

“Been a regular here when I was in Manipal. Delicious homemade food,” a user wrote. Another user also shared their experience of being at the eatery on Twitter and wrote, “Awesome taste. A couple of times we had the opportunity to visit and eat their handmade food. Big salute to both.”

“This couple is a living example of the philosophy of work is worship. Amma is Maa Annapoorneshwari. Delicious food and the love with it are served is unmatchable. Having food at their place is one of the best things to happen to me in Manipal,” another user wrote.

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