Here’s What You Should Know About Manju Warrier Starrer Short Film On Domestic Violence

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Health Minister Veena George shared a short film on her Facebook account. The film is based on the pressing issues prevailing in society. The film stars Manju Warrier and Esther Anil.

The film has come after the death of Vismaya because of dowry and domestic violence which triggered a massive outrage across Kerala and other parts of the country. It is being produced by Film Employees Federation of Kerala (FEFKA) with the participation of Indian Ad Filmmakers

The girl we know from Drishyam as the youngest daughter, Esther Anil is seen in the video walking across the dining hall while reading a book. Her father presumably is sitting on the dining table with his head buried in a newspaper.

The father-daughter duo then hears a loud screaming noise from outside. The screaming is of a woman who is crying for help while her husband beats her. The husband is also yelling and the voice is also heard. The duo at first tries to ignore the voices.

The father opens the curtains in an effort to block the noise when it doesn’t fade away and tells his daughter to not mind it. After her father walks away, the girl calls the abusive man and says, “Chetta, venda, pani kittum” – “Don’t, brother, you will be punished.”

Manju Warrier said at the end of the film, “For sure, you will get it. This is not old Kerala. No woman is alone here.” She added, “Harassment of women, giving and receiving dowry are all punishable (by law). Every woman facing such injustice should remember, you are not alone, a society is with you.” The one and a half minute long film was shared by Health Minister Veena George on her Facebook page.

Warrier also shared the film on her social media and wrote, “Happy to share this short film against dowry system and domestic violence in the society.”