Domestic Violence Survivor From Kerala Becomes Police Officer; Read Her Story

Domestic Abuse Survivor Becomes Police officer
A Kozhikode woman has become a ray of hope and an inspiration for all survivors of domestic violence. A Noujisha, who is a domestic abuse survivor, at 32 became a police officer. The holder of a master’s degree in computer application, she had reportedly joined the police force on April 15 2021. On Sunday, May 22, her graduating parade—as a woman civil police officer—was held at the Kerala Police Academy in Thrissur.

A video of Noujisha and her seven-year-old son Aiham Nazal hugging each other after the parade went viral on social media.

She was quoted in a report by New Indian Express saying, “Not marriage, but the job is the real power for women. Instead of suffering in silence, women should come out of the ordeal and chase their dreams. That’s what my experience has taught me”

Domestic Abuse Survivor Becomes Police officer

Reportedly, six years ago Noujisha had nearly died by suicide exhausted from her husband’s torture but couldn’t summon the ‘courage’ to do so. Instead, she decided to fight all odds. Noujisha, who belongs to Panthirikkara near Perambra, recalls that her elder sister Noufa A stood by her through the tedious divorce procedure and also her attempts of getting a government job.

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She was quoted in reports saying that she could not have survived if not for her sister. Her sister who works as a lab assistant at a government HSS near Perambra assured her that she would take care of Noujisha and her son until she gets a job. This instilled a sense of assurance that helped her fight. She also said she was scared to approach the police despite the abuse.

“Let me tell you that there is no need to harbour such fears. Any woman can go to the police station. We feel extremely weak sometimes, but we must believe that we can overcome it. The support of one’s family is paramount in such hours of crisis,” said Noujisha.

A report stated that Noujisha harboured a wish to work even before she was married which finally came to fruition. According to reports, she made it to many PSC rank lists which included woman civil police officer posts in four districts and lower division clerk in Ernakulam. She was overwhelmed when she received the appointment order, she was quoted as saying.

Feature Image: New Indian Express

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