5 Celebrities Who Praised Their Wives In Public And Are Not ‘Joru Ka Gulam’

Bollywood actors praising their wives
Nothing seems more romantic than husbands openly thanking their spouses and acknowledging the work they have put into their marriage while simultaneously disproving the notion that they are the so-called “joro ka gulaams.”

Men are not encouraged to praise their wives so much and generations of sexist jokes have existed that make fun of men who take a stand for their wives or express their emotional self and love toward their wives. But it’s about time we stop that and celebrate the praises and gestures that spouses express for each other. Breaking the stereotype of calling men ‘joru ka gulam’ is necessary. Read about five Bollywood actors who are not shy when it comes to praising their wives.

Bollywood Actors Praising Their Wives

Vicky Kaushal

At a recent event, Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal praised his actress wife, Katrina Kaif, saying that she has traits similar to those of a doctor and a scientist. Vicky claims Katrina keeps an eye on him to make sure he is eating and sleeping appropriately.

During the same interview, Kaushal stated, “You all don’t know much, but meri biwi is like a chalta firta doctor. She’s a scientist. Unhe bohot gyaan hai aur kuch zyada hi gyaan hai. But she helps me a lot and is always making sure I am eating well, taking care of myself, sleeping well, and not just running around to work.”

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli frequently shares his love for his wife on social media and isn’t afraid to speak out loud when praising her and how she has improved him as a person.

One of these instances occurred when he acknowledged his love for his wife for the stunning person she is and the wonderful life partner she is in a lovely Instagram post. He uploaded a photo of her and wrote, “The person that inspires me to push forward despite all obstacles. The person that guides me to do the right thing in life against all odds. The person that has changed me inside out and made me realise the power of true love. My strength. My soulmate”

Ayushmann Khurrana

When questioned about why, in contrast to past superstars who used to safeguard their single status, he chose not to hide that he was married at the time of his acting debut, he answered in an interview, “Love your wife so much that even the neighbour’s wife falls in love with you.”

Tahira Kashyap, Khurrana’s wife, who battled breast cancer for more than a year, has always had Ayushmann’s support. He stated that she was not just his life partner but also his inspiration and life coach. He said,” She also used to teach me during college when I used to remain busy with theatre.”

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer gushed on the show about his wonderful wife, saying, “She is very grounded. She has come up the hard way. She has achieved the highest levels of anything one can achieve in this line of work and yet she has retained a large part of who she is, and she is so grounded. She is so patient, so kind, and lovely with everyone. She is beautiful, and I am very blessed to have her in my life. ”

Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan was found praising his wife Natasha Dalal on the sets of Koffee With Karan. Praising her, Varun Dhawan said, “I think it has been amazing. She is the best thing that’s happened to me in my life. She is the balancing factor in my life. And she doesn’t ask for much. She doesn’t demand much. She just wants my time. She is just amazing.”

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