Female Friendships In 5 Awesome Shows That You Should Not Miss!

Planning a binge watch night with your squad this weekend? Here are five OTT shows on female friendships.

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There used to be a time when women were conditioned to see each other as rivals and pop culture played a big role in shaping this mentality. The "other" woman was always someone to be wary of. She will steal your boyfriend. She will gossip about you with other girls behind your back. She was you enemy number one- but is she, really?

Gradually, a different portrayal of female friendships has taken over our screens, challenging our conventional gaze at these relationships. We no longer see other women are our nemesis. They are potential friendships waiting to be explored. A chance to form a sisterhood that'll always have your back. Our lived experiences can help us be each other's support system- also decreasing our dependency for the same on other people in our lives.

So here are five OTT shows on female friendships that you can watch with your tribe:


 Shows On Female Friendships, Valeria Season 3 release date Image Credit: IMDB

A series about four friends sharing fun, laughs, cries and pleasure as it is! Why ">Valeria? Because the series showcases amazing friends standing by each other in difficult times. Even though the main protagonist of the story is Valeria, we also see the lives of the four friends unwind as the story proceeds. The show also addresses how things might go wrong in your friendship sometimes, but you can still overcome them.

Valeria, Lola, Carmen and Nerea will make you feel like you are one of them and somehow you’ll grow with them.


Where to watch: Netflix.

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Four More Shots Please!

“Give me four more shots please!” as the song goes we hear ourselves singing to the title track happily. Why? Cause we see ourselves craving for something Damini, Umang, Anjana and Sidhi have. The way the series portrays the ups and downs in a woman's life through the eyes of four different women and how it somehow feels as if we are one of them is one of the reasons why this series will stay close to our hearts.


Where to watch: Prime Video.

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The Bold Type

What’s more amazing than a group of three friends who are there for each other at their lowest or greatest times? Absolutely nothing! ">The Bold Type is about Jane Sloan, Sutton Brady and Kat Edison going about their life, dealing with the problems they face and how they support each other in overcoming them. 


The series talks about the importance of female friendships in one’s life just as it shows us instances of “normal” issues women face every day.

Where to watch: Prime Video, Netflix.

Sex Education

sex education netflix, Shows On Female Friendships A still from Netflix web series Sex Education.

">Sex Education is one of the most popular OTT series right now for the reason that it talks about the many issues teenagers, adults and almost everyone faces. This series is more like infotainment rather than just entertainment. 

If I could point out one scene with the relevance of female friendships, it would be the one with “It’s just a stupid bus”. All the girls in the show just came together in support of their friend when she develops a fear of getting on a bus after being masturbated at by a creep. The show tells us how sisterhood can help women overcome trauma and mover on with life.

Where to watch: Netflix.

Dead To Me

The chaotic duo of Jen and Judy is indeed the main attraction of ">Dead To Me. How does bonding over trauma seem to you? Well, it actually seems fun in this dark-comedy series!

The series revolves around the secrets of Judy and Jen keep from each other, and then some that they keep from the world to protect each other.

Give it a go if you’re into dark comedies, but still crave stories that put friendships first, way above boys.

Where to watch: Netflix.

Honourable mentions:

Grand Army

Fate: The Winx Saga

Never Have I Ever

Big Mouth

That 70s Show


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