Celebrating Deepika Padukone’s Birthday By Revisiting Some Of Her Most Inspiring Quotes

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Deepika Padukone quotes to revisit on her birthday: Actor Deepika Padukone celebrates her 36th birthday today. In her career spanning over 25 years, Padukone has donned many hats. She began her foray into the limelight as a model and then went on to make her debut in 2007 with Om Shanti Om. Over the years, she has emerged to be one of the most sought after actors of this generation, a film producer, an entrepreneur and a vocal advocate of mental health care.

In 2022, Padukone is gearing up for the release of her films Gehraiyaan and Pathan, and reports suggest that she also a cameo in Rohit Shetty’sCirkus, which features her husband Ranveer Singh in the lead. The birthday girl was last seen in 83, also alongside Singh, in which she played the role of Romi Dev, cricketer Kapil Dev’s wife. Padukone had also produced the film under her banner KA Entertainment.

From being a self-made independent woman to knowing her worth to reject a film because of pay parity, Deepika Padukone has inspired a lot of women.

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Here are some of the most inspiring quotes by Deepika Padukone :

 On being a self-made independent woman: “It’s not about the bags he buys me, or the rocks, or the dinners, or the holidays he can take me on. I’m a self-made girl. I know I’ve achieved a lot already and I don’t need a man for those things. I can buy myself the most expensive bag or the biggest rock I want. For me, it has to be about being my best friend, spending quality time with me, being able to have amazing conversations together even while we are sitting in a house or a car.”

On not succumbing to the online trends and finding yourself: “Comfort is of great importance to me. I really want to encourage girls to dress in whatever they feel comfortable in and not get bogged down by fashion trends.”

On not letting anything break your confidence: “Never lose focus on what you want for yourself. People will try and pull you down. There might be things in your life that will deter your confidence. There might be days when you want to break down; there could be days when you feel like giving up. It’s extremely important to be emotionally strong and focused. Do it your own way. And don’t be afraid of making mistakes.”

On the importance of consent: “There is only ONE sign that a woman wants to have sex and that is that she says “YES”.

On not having to settle for less: “For years, we’ve been made to feel we should be OK with settling for less. But… you should get what you think you deserve. It’s okay to fight for it.”

On normalising not looking for the man: “I don’t think one can look for love. I don’t think you can decide ‘I will marry this guy’. I think you have to go with the flow. I think when you’re young you meet different people and I guess when the time is right and if it is the right person, I think you automatically know.”

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On recognising the efforts of the homemakers with her film 83: “I did this film ONLY & ONLY for you! I’ve said this before and il say it again… We walk away with all the credit and glory but the sacrifice of a spouse and his or her family always goes unnoticed! My little contribution to #83thefilm is to recognise and acknowledge every homemaker who puts the dreams of her spouse, her children and her family ahead of her own…”

On pay-parity: “There was a recent incident where a director offered us a film that creatively I liked. But then it came to talking about money, and I said that this is what I would charge. Then it kind of went back and forth. He came back and told me that he wouldn’t be able to afford me as he had to accommodate the male (lead). So, then I said ‘tata- good bye’ as I know my track record. I know my worth. I know that his films haven’t been doing as well as my films have. So, it made absolutely no sense. I was okay to say no to that film based on pay because I thought it was unfair.”

On equality in relationships: “Relationships should be like that. It shouldn’t be driven by one person. It’s not about who’s dominating and who’s listening to whom. Both people have an equal say and both should influence the other in a good way.”