11-Year-Old Skates Her Way In A Saree To Aware Villagers Of Importance & Safety of COVID Vaccines

Sitapur Skater Girl ,girl skating in saree
A video of an 11-year-old girl skating in saree went viral. It was the little girl’s attempt at making her fellow villagers aware of the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine and burst some myths related to it, her friends ran behind her excitedly.

The young girl, in a pink saree and pink skates, glided through the Kaccha streets of the Ramkot village in Sitapur and grabbed the attention of many, including the All India Mahila Congress (AIMC) General-Secretary Shamina Shafiq who shared the video, first released by Mirror Now, and hashtagged it as #girlpower.

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According to a video by OTV, the young skater is not skating through the slippery and wet streets to merely show off her skating skills but also to send more people to COVID-19 vaccine centres in her area as well as the country, now that her initiative has caught the attention of more people outside her village.

Girl Skating In Saree To Raise Awareness

The young girl came to her village to get her grandmother vaccinated against COVID-19, however, could not do so as the vaccine centres were not operating. The reason for the same was that vaccine centres needed a minimum requirement of 10 people to carry out the process. However, the villagers did not participate in the process as they were reluctant because of several reasons including COVID-19 vaccine-related rumours.

After inquiring into the cause of the villager’s reluctance, she decided to go door to door on her skates and make the villagers understand the importance of vaccines. She skated her way through the village to visit as many as possible houses in a convenient way.

In an ANI interview, the girl said, “Jab mein counter gayi toh dekha dus logo see kam the toh waha pe vaccine nahi lag payi (when i went to the counter I saw that there was less than 10 people present there)”

She added that when she asked them the reason behind the absence of the villagers at the vaccine centres, the officials told that the villagers are afraid of the vaccine and claiming that those who take the dose are either dying or facing complications.

Hence, she decided to take the responsibility of educating her villagers and as mentioned by her father, the reason behind wearing a saree during the act was to grab more attention and she had a practice of performing stunts in sarees.