10 Things About Big Boss OTT Contestant Moose Jattana

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Moose Jattana: Besides being a social media influencer, Jattana is one of the contestants of Big Boss OTT. Recently, Jattana made headlines after she identified herself as bisexual on the latest episode of the show. 

During a conversation with fellow Big Boss participant, Pratik Sehajpal, Moose Jattana opened up about her sexuality. She further revealed that though she is more attracted to boys, she wanted to marry a girl if she nurtured a strong bond with her. 

Here’s 10 Things You Need To Know About Moose Jattana!

  • Formally addressed as Muskan Jattana, the social media influencer hails from Mohali in Chandigarh. Although her roots are in Punjab, she has been brought up in Melbourne, Australia. Besides that, she has been the Youth Ambassador of the Australian South Asian Centre. 
  • The 20-year old influencer enjoys a massive social media following. She is a popular face on Tik-Tok as well. She has around 190k followers on Instagram. Currently, she is the youngest contestant on the Big Boss platform.
  • She is quite vocal about socio-political issues on Instagram. She uses the platform to advocate her feminist ideals as well.
  • The youth icon actively took part in the historic Farmer’s Protest at Singhu Border. In one of her Instagram posts, she shared a glimpse of her experience being at the protests. In the caption, she mentioned that she was able to bring her mother, aunt and others to the protest site to “give them an insight into the workings of a revolution.” 
  • She has gotten ‘Inquilab’ inked on her wrist. Inquilab means ‘long live the revolution’. Taking to social media, she had shared a picture of the tattoo and wrote that it will remind her own battles like Bhagat Singh, while taking the grievances of everyone into account, no matter how big or small they are. 
  • Time and again, the social media star has won the hearts of her followers with her independent thinking, funky hairstyles and fearless attitude. From bold buzzcuts to green tresses and bleached hair locks, Moose flaunts all her hairstyles gracefully, setting new trends every time.
  • Apart from taking part in numerous campaigns, Jattana actively promotes the importance of self-love. Her content receives a lot of love and appreciation from her followers. 
  • In one of her posts, she expressed her gratitude towards her mother for gifting her the ability to raise questions, be inquisitive and gift her the freedom to learn, being a single mother in India. 
  • She has a niche for writing poetry. Some of her social media post’s captions contain her penned works.
  • Before identifying herself as bisexual, Moose had always raised her voice in support of queer people.

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