Who Is Elizabeth Beck? Tribal Woman And Cyclist Selected For National Games

who is elizabeth beck
Elizabeth Beck, a 28-year-old tribal woman hailing from Chattisgarh proved herself to be the best cyclist in the state and was selected for the National Games. Over the years, the cyclist achieved several awards and trophies and made a name for herself in the sport.

Elizabeth Beck is a cyclist hailing from Jashpur, Chattishgarh who was recently selected for the National Games. Beck managed to be selected despite her family’s financial condition and a lack of equipment.

The 36th edition of the National Games is set to be held in Gujarat from September 27 until October 10.

Who Is Elizabeth Beck?

  • Elizabeth Beck is a 28-year-old woman hailing from the small town of Jashpur in Chattishgarh.
  • The cyclist was selected for the National Games of India, where athletes from different states in India compete against each other.
  • Beck has won several awards and trophies in the sport of cycling and will represent Chattisgarh at the National Games.
  • In an interview with ANI, Beck spoke about how her family’s financial constraints and a lack of equipment serve as a hindrance.
  • Beck said, “The biggest problem is the lack of equipment and money. Do poor people not have the right to play?”
  • She added athletes participating in the National Games receive help from their state governments, but she did not receive any support in her state.
  • Beck has had to spend her own money in order to travel and take part in competitions.
  • She added that her brother was supporting her and that with the help of that support she would be able to take part in the National Games. The people who understand her situation and the difficulties she faces are also giving her support.
  • Elizabeth Beck’s mother also said that the family has financial issues, but Beck is determined to take part in the competition and make her family and country proud.
  • Beck will travel to Gujarat to take part in the National Games held from September 27 till October 10. The Cycling (Road) event will be held in Gandhinagar on October 8-9.

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