Who Is Anjali Das? A 42-Year-Old Mother Walking From Assam to Ladakh

Who is Anjali Das
Who is Anjali Das? A 42-year-old woman from a small village in Assam, Anjali Das aims to make people aware of the importance of physical fitness.

Inspired by her son, she started walking from Mirza, Assam to Ladakh on Friday, August 13 with her savings and some contribution from the villagers.

In the last four days, she has walked almost 140 Kilometres and reached Kokrajhar, the last district of Assam towards the West Bengal border. By Wednesday, August 18, Das might cross the Assam border. Her target is to walk at least 50 kilometres a day. She aims to cover the distance between Assam to Ladakh, that is, approximately 2,800 kilometres in three months.

Who is Anjali Das? 6 things to know about the woman on Mission fit India

  1. Anjali Das is a half marathon enthusiast. She wants to spread awareness regarding physical fitness and the benefits of walking. A resident of Mirza, she has participated in various half marathons organised in the big cities of India. Running 21 Kilometres, she won silver medals in the Kolkata half marathon in 2018 and 2019. She has also participated in the Mumbai half marathon.
  2. Due to the pandemic, Das could not participate in many events in the last two years. However, she worked hard at home and prepared herself for a bigger adventure this year.
  3. On the eve of her journey, she said to the media, “I will aim to walk 50km daily during my journey. I will complete the trip alone.” Das aims to complete her journey without any help from medics, security personnel, or even an ambulance.
  4. Besides making people aware of the benefits of walking, the athlete also wants to spread tourism in Assam and the Northeast in her journey.
  5. Covering a distance of more than 2,000 kilometres will be a lifetime experience for her to know the country. Moreover, she desires to spread peace and brotherhood among the citizens of India.
  6. Das’ aspirations don’t end here. The mother of a 20-year-old would love to travel the whole of India if she receives a little help.

Image source: The Sentinel