Tokyo Olympics 2021: Removes Torch Relay, Public Demands Cancellation Of The Games

Tokyo Olympics 2021: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, following the decision of Osaka who has removed the public Olympic torch relay, Okinawa becomes the third to remove public torch display. The relay was instead carried out around a closed course at a park, far away from the general public. However, public opinion demands the cancellation of the same.

Japan’s Olympic torch relay has been dismissed and a BMX test event has been postponed due to the rising strike in COVID cases. The relay will not be taking place on public roads of southern Japan’s Okinawa, as reported by the organisers.

Tokyo 2020 issued the statement, “Okinawa prefecture had requested the relay instead be held in restricted areas without spectators. The decision does not affect legs on several smaller islands in the region.”

The decision was followed by the scrapping of the public torch relay in the Osaka region and Matsuyama city in western Japan. In Osaka, the relay was instead carried out around a closed course at a park, far away from the general public.

The Government has imposed stricter restrictions due to the rising COVID cases shortly after lifting a state of emergency. However, the measures taken are far looser as compared to other parts of the world. And that’s led to an uproar around the world why these Olympics are being held in Japan when the country is not being strict enough over COVID.

The preparations for the Games has been complicated due to the pandemic situation. The organisers announced on Friday that a BMX Freestyle test event which was previously scheduled for April 24 and 25 stands postponed.

However, the organisers have assured that they are still on track for the Games to be open on July 23 and they have taken enough safety measures, pointing to the virus rulebooks that will be updated soon.

Nevertheless, public opinions demand further postponement or cancellation of the Games, opposing the decision of holding it.

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