Battling Father’s Paralysis, Financial Crunch: Nisha Warsi Makes It To Olympic Hockey Team

Nisha Warsi
Indian hockey player Nisha Warsi is headed for the Tokyo Olympics 2021 along with her teammates to represent her nation at the Games. The defender of the Indian hockey team, who is from Commonwealth Games gold medalist Pritam Rani Siwach’s academy has battled many odds to reach where she is today.

Being the daughter of a tailor and a factory worker, Warsi always had a deep interest in sports, however, her family’s financial situation  shaped her choice in sports, not her passion.

The 26-year-old defender said in an interview with TOI, that she was always passionate about sports, but she and her family led a hand to mouth existence and her parents could not afford to invest in her sports career so she chose to play hockey so that she wouldn’t have to spend on equipment.

Warsi’s father, who was a tailor, had to quit his job after a stroke left him paralysed in 2015. Her mother then started working in a foam manufacturing factory for a few years before Warsi secured a job in the Railways. The hockey player had to quit the game at one point due to her financial circumstances, but after her coach Siwach convinced her parents, she was able to return after a short break.

After Warsi became a regular member of the Haryana team and the Railways unit, her earnings made the life of her and her family a lot more comfortable. Later, when she was picked for the Indian camp in 2018, it wasn’t easy for her to leave home as her father depended on her for all his needs as he was in and out of the hospital due to illness.

However, her mother came forward to help and her family asked her to not worry and follow her dream. Warsi then made her debut in 2019 at the FIH Finals Series held in Hiroshima and she has won nine Indian caps since.

After qualifying for the Olympics, the Indian team defender said that she has worked very hard for the Games and has stayed focused. She further added that she and her team want to make all the sacrifices count.

Ahead of the Olympics, we have become privy to several inspiring stories of Indian athletes who battled severe odds to pursue there passion. Hopefully, their triumph over struggles will inspire the youth to take up athletics and represents India on international stage.

Picture Credit: Navbharat Times

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