Woman Fulfills Husband’s Dream After His Death, Runs Famous Meat Shop

Champaran meat shop woman
In a video being widely shared on Instagram, a woman is seen skillfully mixing up a heap of onions bathed in spices. She then empties a pot of meat in the same mixture and with a smile prepares the marinate. She uses clay pots to cook the meat which has been covered with fresh clay on its base. The clay pots are then placed over a charcoal fire.
The woman in the video runs a meat shop in the Rohini area of Delhi. The video was first shared by a food blogger on Instagram. The blogger calls the meat from her shop to be the best in Delhi. The woman also has a heartwarming story behind her success.

Woman Running Champaran Meat Shop Goes Viral

As per the blogger, the woman’s husband started the said meat shop in which he dreamt of selling the best Champaran meat which is delicacy prepared over fire in a clay pot. Unfortunately, her husband passed away after just a week of opening the shop and it was on the woman to take forward her husband’s legacy.
With the help of her sister-in-law, the woman started running the shop and became famous among foodies in the national capital. Like many eateries hidden in the narrow streets of big cities, the meat shop owner’s story has now reached thousands after she went viral on social media.

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 The video featuring her on Instagram has now gained more than two lakh likes and several comments commending her skills and showing curiosity over the taste of meat prepared by her. At the end of the video, the woman is seen opening the sealed clay pot and revealing the tender look of the meat along with the spices.
As food bloggers spend their days hopping from one street food vendor to another, many such stories have come to light. They have put revealed faces and their inspiring stories behind the delicious and famous eateries across the country.