National Pet Day 2023: 5 Indian Women Pet Entrepreneurs That You Should Know Of

5 Indian Women Pet Entrepreneurs
The Indian Petcare industry is rapidly changing and growing as numerous startups offer various solutions to cater to India’s specific pet care needs. As the Pet Industry continues to establish itself in India, the sector is evolving and adapting to meet the demands of pet owners.

In the realm of startups, Indian female entrepreneurs are taking charge and setting new standards. Here are five examples of women business owners who have significantly altered the pet care industry in India.

5 Indian Women Pet Entrepreneurs:

  1. Anushka Iyer, Wiggles

Wiggles, a pet care brand established in 2018, is rooted in veterinary science and is home to a growing range of category-creating services and products spanning across food and treats, grooming essentials, health supplements and medicines etc. It is also certified and recognised by institutions like IBPSA, Ministry of Ayush and World Pet Association. Wiggles has set up India’s first state-of-the-art boarding, training and veterinary facility at Petsville in Pune, and its community Wiggles Tribe is India’s largest online and offline pet parent community with access to experts like vets, behaviourists, nutritionists and trainers.

  1. Shruthi Nithin, FLOAP

In 2018, FLOAP (For Love of All Pets) was founded as an online platform that offers a variety of services to assist pet owners in keeping their pets healthy. It is a comprehensive eCommerce and information website that helps pet owners find relevant information, services, products, references, and connect with other pet owners.

  1. Mallika Tandon, Puppychino

Puppychino, located at Shahpur Jat in New Delhi, is a dog bakery and the first pet café in Delhi, founded by Mallika Tandon. They are distinguished for their dog-friendly birthday cakes, menus that include pizzas, waffles, and cupcakes, and the Woozy Boozy beer, which is specifically made for dogs. Furthermore, Puppychino has a separate play area for dogs, along with two separate menus for dogs and humans in their restaurant. Additionally, there is a shopping section where pet owners can purchase merchandise for their pets

  1. Aneesha Rai, Dawgz

Aneesha Rai, an animal enthusiast, founded Dawgz in 2009 after being unable to obtain decent pet care for her own dog. Dawgz, located in Khar, Mumbai, is a dog grooming parlour. Dawgz has it all, whether you want a royal, foamy bubble bath or a simple nail and hair grooming session for your pet. If you want to give your pet a genuinely unique experience, try their special aromatherapy.

 5. Rajvi Mariwala

Rajvi Mariwala is an esteemed personality in the field of dog training, specifically in obedience training. She is based in Mumbai and provides instruction in basic commands as well as advanced training methods. Her area of expertise lies in training dogs to become loyal companions, capable of accompanying their owners on various outings, such as visits to a cafe or a local pub. Rajvi also emphasises the importance of good behaviour in and out of the house, while also addressing problematic behaviour and issues related to aggression.

In addition to her work with dogs, she holds the position of Director of Mariwala Health Initiative, which is a nationwide organisation dedicated to enhancing community-driven, adaptable, and inclusive mental health systems, especially for those who are most underprivileged.

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