How Women Leaders Are Changing The Educational Landscape In India

If we talk about education amongst other industries, women leaders are surpassing the constraints, leaving a significant mark on all levels of the education sector. Extending from classrooms to boardrooms, women leaders are reshaping the industry as a whole.

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Breaking beyond the barriers, the modern women of today are challenging societal stereotypes and expectations, both in personal and professional domains. Whether it is electronic, automobile, technology, education, or e-commerce, present-day women are making substantial contributions across diverse industries, paving the way for future generations. According to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in India, women constitute 13.76% of all entrepreneurs, totalling 8.05 million.


If we talk about education amongst other industries, women leaders are surpassing the constraints, leaving a significant mark on all levels of the education sector. Extending from classrooms to boardrooms, women leaders are reshaping the industry as a whole.

Women leaders: Reshaping the educational space

Women's capacity to manage various responsibilities, handle multiple priorities, and adapt swiftly to changing circumstances is what sets them apart. When it comes to educational leadership, which is yet another demanding role, female leaders with superior multitasking abilities become better armed to excel in their duties while delivering exceptional results. Their dedication and ability to juggle numerous responsibilities make them the right driving force behind the transformative change in the education realm.

Bringing a unique perspective

Innovation and creativity are the secret weapons to earning a competitive edge in today's competitive marketplace. Bringing a unique, distinctive perspective, women are better known to devise innovative strategies aimed at achieving measurable and long-term gains.

Demonstrating their unique and diverse mindsets, women have played pivotal roles in the educational arena as teachers, mentors, and deans for a long time. And it is their unique perspective that is allowing them to venture and excel in educational leadership roles. Going beyond the classroom, women leaders are contributing their diverse viewpoints to a broader educational domain, leveraging the power of technology and unveiling various educational platforms and resources in an effort to make education more accessible. According to a study by EdTech Review, there are currently 30% more women than men among ed-tech founders worldwide.


Better strategising and implementation

Devising clear strategies and executing strategic implementation in personal and professional realms- a robust skill women possess that provides them with an edge in this increasingly competitive world. Combined with strategic planning, the willingness to take greater risks puts women in a favourable position to succeed in a rapidly evolving setting. It is certainly true that the modern-day educational landscape is full of opportunities and challenges. Women leaders, with their ability to take risks, become better equipped to foresee greater possibilities and develop better plans, enabling them to thrive in educational leadership roles.

Innate understanding of the educational community

Women, with their innate understanding and outstanding intuition, are ideally suited for the EdTech industry. Their unique perspective allows them to grasp the diverse needs of learners and educators, enabling the development of innovative solutions that resonate with the educational community.

In this digitally driven landscape, women’s perspective plays a pivotal role in creating EdTech tools that are not just effective but also empathetic. Their expertise & blend of insight and innovation are reshaping the future of education. 

Women leaders: Unleashing a new era of education


The role of women has evolved dramatically over the years, shifting from being mainly responsible for household chores to a time when female entrepreneurs are conquering pivotal industries. Making a profound difference in the world of education, women leaders are making significant contributions, breaking away from the traditional standards of education.


Moreover, as more women continue to assume leadership roles in the field of education, the sector is destined to become more diverse and flexible while catering to the changing requirements of society and students and forging a constructive learning environment for future learners.

Authored by Kiran Dham, CEO, Globus Infocom Ltd.

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