Watch: Hina Khan Reveals Her Boldest Rule-Breaking Moment

In conversation with Shaili Chopra at The Rulebreaker Show, Hina Khan opened up about her journey of breaking rules and carving her own identity.

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Hina Khan on her boldest rule breaking moment

The Rule Breaker Show, a brand new talk show hosted by Shaili Chopra, founder of SheThePeople and Gytree, shines a light on individuals who defy societal norms and pave their own paths. In a recent episode, actor, influencer, and mental health advocate Hina Khan took centre stage. With a career spanning 15 years in entertainment, Khan has garnered acclaim for her bold choices and efforts to challenge traditional gender norms.


In a candid conversation with Shaili Chopra, Hina Khan shared insights into her journey of breaking rules and carving her own identity. When asked about the rules she's broken in her life, Khan's response was resolute: "Well, I've broken many rules in my life. My life is all about breaking rules."

How Hina Khan Has Always Challenged Conservative Norms

She says, "I come from a very conservative family; I'm from a very conservative background. Anyone who is a part of the entertainment business is considered wrong." From shifting bases for higher studies to balancing academics with work, Khan's decisions challenged familial expectations and societal norms.

However, despite achieving great success in Indian television, Khan made the daring choice to step away from her thriving career, which is what she thinks is her biggest rule-breaking moment.  She says, "The biggest rule break... was when I decided to give up my very successful career in television and move out of it."

She said, "I was kind of a titleholder. I had so many awards; I've won so many awards, and then I suddenly decided to move on, apparently. So, they say I was the highest-paid actress in Indian television, leaving all that behind and starting again, from scratch, you know, to find myself in a new light in this new world. That was also, you know, going against the norm and breaking rules. So I've done a lot."

Renowned as one of the highest-paid actors in Indian television, Khan's decision to start afresh on the big screen and explore new opportunities exemplifies her commitment to self-discovery and growth.

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