Now I Make My Own Rules - Simrun Chopra's Financial Independence Story

Fitness guru and entrepreneur Simrun Chopra chats with Shaili Chopra about how financial independence was essential for her journey to becoming a rulebreaker.

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Meet Simrun Chopra, fitness guru, entrepreneur, and the maverick of her indomitable universe. "I get to make my own rules. You cannot tell me what I can or cannot do," she mused in the latest episode of The Rulebreaker Show with Shaili Chopra. Simrun, with her infectious zeal, is rewriting the playbook of success, emphasising how making her own money allowed her to make her own rules. She embodies the spirit of a true-blue rulebreaker, writing her own story, being unanswerable to anyone, and setting new benchmarks along the way. For Simrun, making her own money was not just about balancing the books, but also a catalyst on her journey to becoming a rule breaker. 


On The Rulebreaker Show, Simrun Chopra delves into how being financially independent forged a new path of empowerment. She grabbed the ability to make her own choices and say a resounding 'No!' to anyone who came in the way of her goals. Simrun shared her personal relationship with financial independence and advocated for it as a pathway to unleashing her true potential. 

Why Simrun Chopra Chose Financial Independence

Simrun Chopra passionately expressed how making her own money has given her the freedom to become a rulebreaker. In a conversation with Shaili Chopra, founder of SheThePeople and Gytree, she opened up about how financial independence became a catalyst in her journey to challenging societal expectations and asserting her individuality.

"Everybody wants to be independent. For me, it was about 'I want to make my own rules. You cannot tell me what I can or cannot do.' And if that means that I get that freedom by being financially independent by making my own money, that's what I'm gonna do. Because eventually, I want to do what I want to do," Simrun emphasised.


Financial independence is a power that allows women to break out of the confinement of seeking support and in some cases, permission to do anything. It is a tool that enables women to grasp control over their autonomous decisions and lives. Financial freedom allows women to escape existing power structures and advocate for gender equality in all aspects of society.

Reflecting on this freedom, Simrun shared how the power of earning for herself has allowed her to challenge societal principles by setting her own rules. "You don't tell me what I have to do," she expressed, addressing the restrictive norms. "You cannot tell me where I have to go with my child, what I have to wear, what rules I have in my house, what time I need to be home."

Simrun continued, "They're my rules. I make them. Nobody sets them for me. I will not be shackled. And if the way to do that is to be completely strong and financially independent, I'm gonna do it. I never want to be in a situation where I have to ask 'Can I buy that?', 'Do you think you can pay for that?', or 'Do you think it's okay if I wear this?' No! This is who I am!"

On The Rulebreaker Show, we witness Simrun's powerful testimony on the transformative power of financial independence. It gives women the power to seize control over their lives and carve new paths of empowerment. Championing Simrun's triumph, financial independence for women must be recognised not as a privilege but as a fundamental right. 

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