Uttarakhand BJP Chief Calls Leader Of Opposition ‘Buddhiya’, Receives Severe Backlash

Uttarakhand BJP Chief

The state president of Uttarakhand’s BJP Bansidhar Bhagat is presently at the receiving end of severe backlash and criticism from the state’s Congress Party and also his own party. This is due to his derogatory, sexist and ageist remarks on the Leader of Opposition and a senior Congress leader, Indira Hridayesh. The state BJP Chief called the senior leader of Congress ‘Buddhiya‘, which means an old woman while addressing the workers of his party in an event in Bhimtal, Nainital on Tuesday evening.

In the address, he said, “Humari neta-pratipaksha keh rahi hain ki ‘bahut se vidhayak humare sampark me hain’…Arre budhiya! Tujhse kyun sampark karenge??? Doobte jahaanz se koi sampark karega kya?” (Our Leader of Opposition claims that several MLAs from my party are in touch with her. Why would they contact an old woman? Why would they want to go for a sinking ship?)

This pejorative remark against the female leader came in response to her reported claim that many BJP MLAs were looking forth to switch from their current party to Indian National Congress. The audience in the event could be heard laughing and applauding the disrespectful remark, as seen in the video.

After the video reached the opposition party and the Internet, Bansidhar Bhagat received a huge backlash from everyone alike. The Congress leaders of Uttarakhand demanded an immediate apology from the BJP Chief. Meanwhile, some of the party members have burned his effigy, alleging his comment was an insult to women and mothers.

Furthermore, Congress state president Pritam Singh also condemned the remark and demanded an apology from Bhagat.

“His words just show the sort of mentality BJP leaders have towards women. He should offer an apology immediately for his highly condemnable language,” he captioned.

Indira Hridayesh’s reaction

In response to the derogatory comments against her, senior leader Indira Hridayesh firmly stated, “I was deeply hurt and disappointed with the kind of derogatory and highly disrespectful language used by BJP state president who symbolizes the ideals of the party. If he uses such language, then it is an insult to the motherhood which the women of our hills will never tolerate.  Those raising the slogan of Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao should at least take care of their language.”

She further added that she won’t stoop down to a low level and reply in coarse language. However, she urged the BJP governments in both state and the Centre to take notice of the incident and hold the leader accountable for his actions.

Apology from Uttarakhand CM

Amidst the widespread condemnation of BJP Chief and the party as well, the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat apologised to Indira Hridayesh.

He tweeted on his official handle that he was extremely sad to hear about what had happened. He emphasised that this was not a sentiment shared by him, adding that women were ‘respected and revered’ by them. “I personally want to apologise to you and all others who have been hurt by the unexpected remark.” he further captioned.

The Chief Minister further said that he would personally apologise to the senior woman leader on Wednesday.

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