Sexist Slurs: 5 Times Indian Politicians Shamed Women

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How many times has a woman been told to shut up not because she is wrong but because she is a woman? India’s sexist politicians – whether the it is the 56 inch chest-thumping bhakts as or the scattered opposition – do not leave a chance to attack women and deprive them of their bare minimum respect. And this happens in public rallies, press meets and even on social media. Here’s 5 times politicians shamed women publicly in 2020.

1. If you act/dance/model, you have no right to comment on the politics of the country.

Deepika Padukone, a famous national actress faced this sexism in public. Let’s recall that she has ample privilege and does have the resources for any amount of legal action. She faced this reckless jibe upon a mere act of solidarity. S for sexism. S for shameful. S for saddening. S for sorrowful.

2. If you are sexually assaulted, you must die since your honour lies in your vagina.

KPCC president Mullappally Ramachandran said,  “This woman had cried that the entire state had raped her. We can understand if a woman gets sexually abused once. But if it gets repeated, then any woman with self esteem would either commit suicide or try to prevent such a thing from happening again. But this woman has been saying she was repeatedly abused”.

Like, Kamala Bhasin, we ask: Who put the honour in my vagina?

Kamla Bhasin on “Things I don’t keep in my vagina”

3. If you are raped, it means you lack good values.

Basically, any victim of sexual assault, rape or sexual battery is responsible for their ownselves because hey, you lack good values. The rapist is not responsible for consent and communication. The onus lies on how much can you protect your vagina.

4. If you are to be criticized, you shall be called a poor hopeless lady instead of being called incompetent.

In a report via Republic World, earlier, during the winter session of the Parliament, Congress’ Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury made a personal remark against Finance Minister Sitharaman. Instead of holding a discussion over the economy, Chowdhury, resorted to attacking Nirmala Sitharaman herself. Chowdhury had said, “We respect you a lot. But looking at the circumstances, sometimes I feel like calling you ‘Nirbala Sitharaman’ (powerless) instead of Nirmala Sitharaman.

5. If no one sees you being raped, it means you had an affair with the rapist.

Well, we are rarely out of words, rarely are we speechless. But is there a string of words strong enough to conceive an argument which can enunciate to this BJP leader how rape has nothing to do with the victim? But destroys the life of the victim the most. Here is this video by AIB which shows how popularly celebrated rape culture is:

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