Kamla Chaudhry, The Celebrated Author Who Defied Her Family’s Loyalty To British Raj

We all know that Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar is the ‘Father’ of the Constitution of India. However, there were many other eminent personalities who contributed to our constitution. Of all the 389 members, only 15 of them were women. Although this inadequate representation fills us with disappointment of women, it is still important to recognise and remember their valuable contribution to the supreme law of India.

Kamla Chaudhry was one of those 15 women who were a part of the Constituent Assembly. She was also a talented short story writer and freedom fighter.

Here are 10 things to know about the powerful lady:

  1. Kamla Chaudhry was born on February 22, 1908 in Lucknow. Her father was a deputy collector. Kamla’s family was very affluent and loyal to the Imperial government.
  2. However, maternal grandfather was the commander of Independent Awadh Forces at Lucknow in the first war of Independence 1857.
  3. Although she was born rich, it was not easy for her to continue her education.
  4. She moved away from her family’s loyalty to the British Raj and joined the freedom struggle. Kamla actively took part in the Civil Disobedience Movement of 1930. She was jailed several times for her participation in the movement for independence.
  5. During the movement, she joined Indian National Congress. She was the senior Vice-Chairperson during the fifty-fourth session of the All India Congress Committee.
  6. She was an elected member of the Constituent Assembly of India. Later, she served as a member of the Provincial Government of India till 1952. Kamla was also a member of the Uttar Pradesh State Social Welfare Advisory Board.
  7. Chaudhry became a member of the third Lok Sabha after winning the 1962 Indian general election from Hapur, Uttar Pradesh, as a candidate of the INC.
  8. Kamla was actively involved in working for the upliftment of the masses. She worked for girls education in villages and backward areas and assisted the Khadi and Village Industries.
  9. She was an esteemed short story writer. Her distinguished works are Unmad, Picnic, Yatra, Balpatra, Hindi Ki Chuni hui Kahaniyar, Prasadi Kamandal, Khayyaim Ka Jam, Apna Maran Jagat Ke Hansi, Chitron main Lorian and Gandhi Ban Jaon. Furthermore, her other interests included painting, poetry and gardening.
  10. She was married to J.M. Chaudhry. She had several children including Dr. Ira Saxena, a writer and author.