With Financial Freedom, Yoopa Rebe Is Taking Parents On New Adventures

Yoopa Rebe embarked on a new journey to become a YouTuber two years ago. With this, she earned the financial independence to take her parents on new adventures and fulfil their dreams

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Images: Screenshots from @yooparebe Instagram

All of us aspire to watch our parents live their best lives and experience new adventures. Meet Yoopa Rebe, a Delhi-based YouTuber and entrepreneur, who saved up years of earnings to give her parents a gift they will never forget. During Valentine's season this year, the young content creator took her parents on their first aeroplane ride, as a token of love. Coming from a humble background in Arunachal Pradesh, she diligently strived on her content and small jewellery business and set aside part of her earnings to give her parents a comfortable life. 


Speaking to SheThePeople, Rebe expressed how earning her own money was not just about her financial security but also about seeing her parents happy. After helping Rebe grow as an independent individual, her parents showed an evident sense of pride in her when they boarded their first flight

Yoopa Rebe Is Fulfilling Her Parents' Dreams

I started making money from YouTube 2 years ago and since then I have been sustaining myself financially in Delhi, removing my part of their financial burdens. Today I save 40% of every payout for them, Hence I could gift them this trip.

My parents never directly mentioned they wanted to travel on a flight. However, every time they dropped me at the airport, my father would be excited & curious about aeroplanes and even asked me to make a video of the interior.

Since then, I made up my mind to take them on a flight someday. So I chose this season of love to celebrate this small win of my life.

It was nothing like a big surprise reaction from my parents because they wanted me to save my hard-earned money but I convinced them, and now after the trip and experiences, they are so grateful.


My family badly wanted a boy child when I was in my mother’s womb and expected me to be a son so when I was born, it disappointed many people who expected a son to carry on my father’s lineage.

Still, today my parents especially my father are so proud of a daughter like me and now he believes that daughters are the ones who take care of their parents and responsibilities more than sons. I feel blessed to be born as a daughter.

I work very hard to give my parents a better life. And to everyone wanting to do the same, keep taking small steps towards your goals and be true to yourself on this journey.

If not today, if not even tomorrow then still you will fulfil it someday. Good things take time and it will surely be worth the wait. Also, don’t take your parents for granted because we only realise the true value of a thing only on losing it.

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