Confessions Of A Girl With Large Breasts: It Sucks!

In times, when breast implants or breast augmentation get a lot of attention, In India, women are choosing to undergo breast reduction surgery.

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Surge In Breast Reduction Surgeries 
Lately, I have been thinking of breast reduction surgeries. Yes! I have huge breasts and they disturb me in my daily activities. Having big breasts is rather a curse than a boon as perceived by society. Recently, I came across a report where the number of women in favour of breast reduction is growing. I know it is taboo to talk of reduction. 

Several times you might have come across your friends, cousins, or relatives admiring your breast for being huge in size. At least this has been the case for one of my friends, who went through depression for having bigger breasts. People envied her for having large boobs, she on other hand was disturbed because of them. For that matter, I also had my share of painful days of having large breasts. People have the perception that large boobs are something everyone desires, but that's not the case. Both, me and my friend have been victims of having large breasts. And let me tell you managing them is no cakewalk. So, not all won't have big breasts. 

Surge In Breast Reduction Surgeries

In times, when breast implants or breast augmentation get a lot of attention, In India, women are choosing to undergo breast reduction surgery to get rid of severe physical and psychological problems arising out of heavy breasts. According to a TOI report, In 2021, 15,000 women across India choose to remove the fat and glandular tissue from their breasts as against the number of women (31,608) who got breast implants. Around 11,520 women opted for 'breast lift'. 

A breast lift is a plastic surgery procedure that tightens tissues instead of reducing them. After surgery, breasts appear to be smaller. The numbers also reflect that women looking reduction of breasts are equal to the women wanting to augment them.

Heavy breasts are painful, these numbers prove it all. The heavy breast can cause muscle strain, neck strain, headache, and backache. this might affect body posture, many tend to slouch and develop lower back pain. It causes greater discomfort. From personal experience, many times I have sleepless nights, as my breast don't find the perfect position to rest. It is major discomfort, despite resting for the whole night, fatigue stays, the day seems dull, and don't feel like doing anything. The work suffers like anything. It doesn't stop here, the constant back and neck aches don't allow you to sit for long hours. Besides, big breasts sometimes you feel less confident and at times embarrassed. Sometimes you become so conscious that thoughts about breast play in a loop in mind. You shy from standing upfront, choose not to wear tight clothes, and stand sideways so that your boobs don't grab attention and always stay on mind. It has become routine to be conscious and awkward about a body part. 

I sometimes banded my breast to make them look flat, instead of attention-grabbing. I do wonder why I want to hide my breast. One part of the story is- society's belief of big boobs unnecessarily attract men. The bigger the breast, the more men will pay attention. That unwanted attention forced me to hide and feel sick about it. The physical pain did cause me harm, but society's perception of bigger breasts impacted me mentally.


The most common reason for breast reduction is amounting pain and to regain confidence. However, in India, many spend thousands of rupees on ‘alternative options, for instance- firming creams, hormonal pills, and steroids as awareness about the surgeries is limited. Also, surgeries are expensive, they cost around 1,5 lakhs in basic hospitals, whereas multi-specialist hospitals can charge up to 4 lakhs. These are considered cosmetic surgeries, usually not covered under health insurance. But I believe breast reductions if prescribed by the doctor, then must be covered under the policies. 

Breast reduction surgery does have its side effects. As per a report, They can damage structures – such as nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and lungs. It may lead to deep vein thrombosis and cardiac and pulmonary complications. Excessive firmness of the breast and fatty tissue deep in the skin could die (fat necrosis). However, the doctor should be strictly consulted for such purposes.

I don't know whether I will be opting for surgery or not but this has definitely ignited a thought in me to get rid of the pain caused by breasts permanently. I confessed how it feels to be someone with huge breasts. 

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Confession of Indian Girl Breast Reduction Surgeries