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We Manage Our Full Time Jobs While Travelling In Our Camper Van, Says Smriti Bhadauria

Smriti Bhadauria
Smriti Bhadauria, a travel aficionado, spoke to SheThePeople about her love for travelling and how, after marriage she and her husband, Kartik Vasan, decided to manage their jobs while travelling full time. Here’s her story:
“I took my first solo trek trip in 2009, and it was the best experience of my life! As a student in Canada, I loved exploring its countryside and looked for new ways to travel until I watched the movie Swadesh. That’s where I saw my dream camper van and said to myself, “I wish I could travel the world in a moving house like that.” Managing a full-time job with travel wasn’t easy, but I couldn’t leave either. My friends would tell me, “Why don’t you travel once you save up?” but it was the pleasure of travelling that’d kept me going for all this time.
After all that hustle, I met Kartik through his cousin and, after a group trip, I realised that he wasn’t just a great travel partner, but a perfect life partner. Soon, we started dating, but I’d made myself clear, saying that, ‘I’m going to be a nomad for life & never sit at home!’. But, he said that’s what he loved about me since he could finally fulfil his travel dreams with someone! Just like that, we started dating, but what happened next seemed like a sign from the Universe-we found our perfect camper van!
In 2018, we bought a 1977 Dodge van and dreamt of our perfect life, but I was in a fix-‘How are we going to manage our jobs while travelling full time?’, I asked Kartik. That’s when we adopted the new normal way before it was a trend! We negotiated for remote jobs back in 2018 and made “work from home” work for us!

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For the next 2 years, we invested our time into building our dream life and, in 2020, our van was ready to explore the world, and so were we! That year, we got married, but our travel plans were disrupted by the lockdown. But, on the 15th of August, we finally left our home for good and took the first trip to Patagonia.
Since then, the camper van has become our new home! It seemed impossible at first, but now we can manage work and travel like a pro! Two years and eight countries later, we couldn’t have imagined our lives to be any better. I know there are many who aspire to live a nomadic life like ours, but think it is too good to be true. Well, it is not! It is just as real and if we could do it, anyone can! ” Watch the video here
 Feature Image Credit: Smriti Bhadauria’s Instagram