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Retd Army Colonel Cares For Pregnant Daughter In After His Wife Passes Away

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A father’s love and affection for his daughter is something completely unique. However, when a daughter enters a new phase of life and becomes a mother her mother is expected to fulfil all of the responsibilities and not the father. A retired Army Colonel Sanjay Pande, took to Twitter to express his grief following the death of his wife, as well as how he cared for his pregnant daughter while she was overseas.

Sanjay Pande’s wife passed away, and his daughter told him a year later that he would soon be a grandfather. In his tweet, he stated, “Traditionally, as the lone surviving parent, I, the father, would have been the most worthless person around during pregnancy, post-partum, and the baby’s growth. I was a fighter.

After that, the retired officer decided to be his daughter’s caregiver. From the moment his daughter told him, he began planning her traditional food, which he learned through nights, YouTube, elders, books, and anything else he could get his hands on. In his tweet regarding the hardships he had during that time, he wrote, “The first batch of laddus for the next 30 days was completed.” Problem? Delhi and UK!

He stated, “Vaccum packing machine, food-grade plastics, 96-hour freezing of laddus, packaging as if shipping them by post to the United Kingdom!!! Because my daughter was not eating, the first lot saved her life. After 15 days, the second variety of laddus was created and frozen. 21st day dispatched!”

The father then revealed on Twitter that he began a cycle in which he prepared every type of healthy and nutritious cuisine that a typical Indian mother would serve to her daughter. Everything was thoroughly written down, including hygiene, nutrient calculations, calories, laddus weight, and storage techniques.

 Because the pregnancy occurred during a COVID times when travel was prohibited, he supplied food to his daughter from India to the UK for the entire nine months. According to his tweet, “Eighth month, seventh month, sixth month, fifth month, fourth month, third month, second month, and month of due date, I provided her with nutrition from India.” Travel was not permitted due to COVID.

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Following the delivery, the retired colonel began his research into post-pregnancy nutrition for his daughter. He revealed in a tweet how he resumed his research on meals and super foods that help breastfeeding or milk production, and that the first batch was sent out in August. It happened every single month until he went to the United Kingdom and produced those foods in large quantities. He made Garden Cress, Edible Gum, Methi, Shatawari, and many other such things.

His next tweet said, “I achieved mastery. Combining ingredients, regulating calories, and experiencing the results firsthand From January 19 till the present, I, as a father, have been providing my daughter with this unique mother’s meal. It kept going and now it’s been a year since the grandchild has eaten my laddu for breakfast. Today, I have ideal recipes for over 12 laddus that women require from conception to the year-old infant. I’m really proud of myself for not disappointing my wife. My daughter swears by me and refuses to eat anything that has been offered to her by others. Interesting? “

He concluded his Twitter series by adding that he never realised what he did from January 2019 till today was anything other than his duty as a father, as a caregiver.

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