Hawaa Aayegi Toh Udd Jayegi: How I Dealt With Skinny Shaming

I used to always feel bad for myself but then I made myself so strong like I started replying to the comments by just saying that - Tere baap ka khati hu kya.

Damini Choudhari
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I have been a victim of body shaming since my childhood. I had friends who used to body shame me by passing comments, such as, 'you are so thin', 'hawaa aayegi toh udd jayegi', 'tera future mei kaise hoga', etc. Initially, I used to feel bad when anybody or everybody would pass a comment or skinny shame. That was the time when I decided to answer back and not pay heed to such comments.


I used to always feel bad for myself but then I made myself so strong like I started replying to the comments by just saying that - Tere baap ka khati hu kya. But still the comments continued, then I decided not to pay attention and  move on.

I was still fine when friends used to pass comments about me being too skinny but then slowly and steadily my relatives also started asking 'kitni patli hai' and that was the peak point. I decided no matter who says what, never care and move on. I don’t understand how a person’s character depends on the way he/she looks. I mean appreciate the person for the way he/she is. Isn't that the correct thing to do?

It breaks my heart to see that there are many people out there who are still victims of body shaming. We need to remember there are some who have taken extreme steps because of this. Body shaming especially skinny shaming is an important topic to talk about but somewhere or the other, people still feel ashamed to talk about it.

When I used to be body shamed, I used to always look in the mirror and question myself. Is it so that I look ugly or bad that people pass such comments about me? But, luckily I had friends back then who always supported me and explained to me that you're always beautiful the way you are.

It had adverse effects on me such that I could not understand what to do. So, I started reading body positivity blogs, Instagram posts, stories about women who fought body shaming, etc. By reading such stuff, I started believing in one thing that No Matter How You Are, You Are Beautiful The Way You Are.

After all this that was going on about body shaming, I decided I will write a blog on my experiences with skinny shaming, so that it will help others to overcome it. Body shaming is something that needs to stop because you never know who is facing what in their lives.


It was actually difficult for me to ignore such comments especially when it was from people who were close to me. But, slowly and steadily I turned myself into a stone person that no matter whoever it is, just ignore it and move ahead and trust me I am doing that for years now. I am happier now.

I just wish that whoever is facing body shaming issues, like fat shaming or skinny shaming should come up and speak about it because that is the only way you can stop it. Once, you decide that this is not going to matter then there is no looking back. It’s been years I have been ignoring this and continue to do so. I hope my story inspires people around and they shut people’s mouth whoever dares to pass a comment. After all, it is my body so it is on me  how I treat it. And I am happy realising that I am beautiful the way I am.

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