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I Was 19 When I Started Losing My Hair, Says Nuhar Bansal

Nuhar Bansal
Nuhar Bansal was 19-years-old when she started losing her hair. She is now a bald influencer enjoying her life to the hilt. SheThePeople.TV chats with her to know her inspiring story.

“My struggle with baldness started a decade ago. I was 19 at that time. It started as thinning of hair in the top crown part of my scalp and it only got worse over the years. I was told that it was due to some chemical or hormonal imbalance in my body but none of the doctors I consulted could tell me the exact reason behind the problem.

Growing up chubby and not effeminate enough was already bothering my parents and relatives. This baldness problem, they thought, would make my life more difficult. There was a lot of negativity around me which started affecting my self-esteem.

‘Get a hair transplant or take steroids’, I was told but I thought to myself, ‘I have never derived my confidence from my looks. Why don’t I invest my energy in building my strengths instead?’ I started honing my oratory and management skills to excel in my theatre career. With time, I started making peace with my baldness and accepted myself the way I was.

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Next, I started developing cysts on my scalp. I was worried and went for a full gyno check-up only to realise that I was suffering from PCOS. My baldness and the cysts on my scalp were symptoms of the same. I underwent surgery to remove the cysts and that’s when I also decided to shave my head completely. It was a liberating experience. It gave me peace and control.

Some time back, I did some research and was appalled to find out that the media lacked representation of bald women. The few bald women they showed were either cancer survivors or widows. I was the only person I knew who looked like this out of choice. I recently got a photoshoot done with make-up and costumes to tell everyone that it is normal to be bald. I have been getting a lot of appreciation from others since then. ‘You are very brave’, they tell me but I strongly feel that I can look like this out of choice and be confident about it.”

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