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Dear Mom, This Is How You Can Encourage Me For My Career

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Mother-daughter career conversations: Like every other mother, my mother too is forever concerned about my career. Though she wants me to have a “safe and secure” job, my ambitions are not so conventional as to fit her expectations. We occasionally have our mother-daughter career conversations, which ultimately boils down to my mother saying I am free to choose my career but should be careful about the risks involved in it. I appreciate the fact that she doesn’t try to impose her decisions on me or force me to opt the career of ‘her’ choice. But dear mother, I believe you can encourage me for my career in a better way with a little more effort.

Let me follow my heart

When we have our mother-daughter career conversations, all I expect from my mother is to be supportive of my choice, which she already is but her mind is not free from doubts. Try not to be skeptical of my decisions and have faith that I shall never let you down. Don’t you feel that for me to work passionately, I must take thorough interest in what I do? This can be possible only when I look for something I can enjoy doing and not keep complaining about. So, next time I open up about the career options I am considering, just have faith in me and let me follow my heart. That is how I believe I can succeed.

Let’s look for vacancies together

When I look for job opportunities, I would love it if you sit by my side and look for details along with me. We have already had so many mother-daughter career conversations, from now on, let us do the job hunting together. Being a career-oriented woman yourself, I am sure you can guide me make the right choice. You are more experienced than I am and it is this experience I would like to depend on when taking the most important decision of my life. Looking for job opportunities together will make me more confident about what I want to do because you will be there to prevent me from taking a wrong step.

Understand the importance of taking risks

All jobs are not “safe” as you want them to be. Some involve taking risks. Don’t risks help us learn better and teach us to face challenges without fear? Taking risks is a part of building a career and you must not drive me away from it. Climbing the success ladder might seem tough in the beginning but I assure you it will all be worth it in the end. Expecting me to ‘play safe’ every time only curtails my chance to grow and develop. Taking the required risks will help me get a better exposure which is an important for my career to flourish. So don’t get scared of the possible difficulties I might face, rather encourage me to deal with them and learn from them.

What mother-daughter conversations do you have at home? Does your mother encourage you for your career choices? What do you think your mother should do when discussing about your career?

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