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I Had A Blast At My Wedding Instead Of Acting Shy And Reserved

Co-Founder & Director: of YSDC Wedding Choreography and YellowStripe Dance Co. Kamna Arora who has often worked with brides as a wedding choreographer, gets married herself. 

Kamna Arora Dances At Her Wedding

With roots set in the National Capital, her dance choreography company has been in the wedding business for a while now. They are creating consistent dance occasions for couples together with their families. While their team is immaculate in every form of dance, they mainly particularise in Bollywood, Classical, Contemporary, Salsa, and Jazz dance forms. 

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Knowing that Kamna liked to relish my wedding, it was supposedly her day. She shared her experience with SheThePeople saying, “I am a dancer myself and run a dance company where we do wedding choreographies. I’ve often worked with brides whose relatives didn’t want them to dance at the wedding or have fun dramatic entrances to the venues. The groom could do it but not the bride. There’s this vision everyone has of a bride, someone quiet and shy. But that is not who I am and I didn’t want to be a bride who didn’t get to enjoy her own wedding functions.”

She said that for all her functions, all she got were custom sneakers so she was fashionably comfortable and ready to dance. “I knew I wanted to do a fun choreography with my girlfriends, so 3 days before my Mehendi ceremony, we quickly put together this performance,” she said.

On the day of the function, when things were getting delayed, she and her friends decided not to dance. “But once the kaleera ceremony was done, I realised, I had always wanted to do this dance with my friends and it wasn’t about putting on a performance for others but for us to enjoy and have fun, so we ended up doing the choreography even after most of the guests had left,” Kamna added. Asserting that it was one of the best moments she has ever had at her wedding, she broke the myth that ‘brides don’t get to have fun at their own weddings’ when she as a bride had the most fun dancing the night away at her own wedding. 

Earlier, a predictable shift in their routine in March 2020 was noticed by the Founders of the YellowStripe Dance Company. Amid the impending lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, the students of the Delhi-based dance and wedding choreography company were worried about how they would execute classes, should the lockdown restrictions be imposed. The seriousness of the situation was not misplaced by the founders although at that time the feeling of sadness associated with the pandemic, had not placed itself. “There was a weird excitement linked to it early on. It was new, and many were eager to explore how their routine would play out in this scenario,” says Kamna Prem Arora, co-founder of the company with Ustav Malhotra in 2017.

Feature Image Credit: Wedding Bazar.