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4 Things That Indian Aunties Should Stop Doing While Interacting With Young Girls

Indian Aunties Taunts
India is touching new heights, things are changing, but society never fails to taunt young girls for their being.  Young girls  are becoming ambitious, aspirations are changing. They are more focused on their future, enjoying their freedom as they want to. Though society has being supportive of them, few elements called Aunties never refrain from cornering these young ladies. Also, Indian Aunties try to convince people that young girls are just a burden on society.

We might have come across these aunties so many times. We confronted them in markets, weddings, family celebration or in the parking lot of the housing society. They are everywhere to haunt you. Aunties’ main job role is to make harsh comments or pass sarcastic remarks to hurt you. Most girls ignore these remarks, but somewhere their harsh words and actions cause harm. So, I on behalf of all the young girls want to tell  four things to Indian aunties that they must refrain from saying to young girls at social gatherings. As none of these girls deserve to hear your nonsense. 

Indian Aunties Taunts, Please Stop!

Stop comparing every girl with another

Indian aunties stop comparing girls with each other, and planting inferior complexity. It’s inappropriate to find similarities in girls. They have their own responsibilities, their own variations, and their own abilities. Then why do they continually face persecution. Compromise can cause them to feel anxious and constantly  questioned themselves.

Stop passing judgements for her choices

Next, refrain from judging them based on their sanskar and the choices they make. If she touches your feet, they are very  Sanskari; if not, they are haughty. If she smiles and offers you a cup of tea, then she is perfect;  otherwise, she is the most imperfect girl in the world. You don’t get the rights to do. Don’t make our participation in social gathering difficult. 

When are you getting married!

 Women are entitled to make any marriage related decision. Let them take their time and settle in first. Enjoy her  earnings and her life. They have the right to choose the age of their marriage; but aunty you don’t get it. It is not your place to advice them. 

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Stop Moral Policing

Aunties do not measure length of our clothes with standard of your mindset. Women can choose what to wear, when to wear and how to wear. As basic as clothing doesnt require you opinions. She looks stunning in crop tops, minis, shorts and other attire. Let her be. She is wearing them for her own happiness and beauty. Aunties make us feel easy and comfortable. 

  1. If a girl’s bra strap is visible while she is being objectified by an aunt, cover it up. It is the worst  situation a girl could have ever imagined.
  2. Menstruations are normal so staining,  aunts instead of making fun, help her out. There already many to do that for women. We need support from you to feel comfortable in public space.
  3. Body shaming is the act of making derogatory remarks about a person’s size, shape, or appearance.  She has a dark complexion, double Ds, or is obese. It’s unfair to criticise her based on your mentality in  front of other people. She may feel humiliated because she lacks a desirable body type or colour. Stop aunty! stop doing that. 

Being older women, aunts have a responsibility to avoid embarrassing moments at  gathering. The judgements on the basis of someone’s age, colour, body type, or  attire, are least needed. Aunts need to be aware that as females, they should support girls rather than make  them uncomfortable. She has the right to choose her lifestyle as she want. Your time was hard we understand. But that doesn’t allows you to take revenge from other girls. 

The views expressed are the author’s own.