“Lost my social skills with people, LOL”-Students On Schools Reopening

Imagine going from sharing tiffins in the backbench to being at six feet distances when we head back to classes with such rules.

Vanshika Swami
Jan 24, 2021 02:32 IST
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It’s been over 10 months since all our lives took a complete turn upside down ever since the virus knocked our doors and knocked us down! For some, the lockdown came as a “much-needed break” while some saw the worst possible rock bottoms of their life. However, students had the best, yet somehow the most difficult time of their lives.


Imagine the major difference students saw in their lives, from packing bags before sleeping to sharing tiffins in the backbench and singing along with friends while coming back home- to waking up to every day  “Please join the link” messages and attending long online lectures without any emotions. Sure some introverts loved being in their shell and students enjoyed sleeping overtime, but there came a point where a screen interface for learning was just not enough, and students craved going back to the physical learning in school, just like the good old times.  

 SheThePeople spoke to students on how they are feeling about the faculties reopening and if they would be comfortable going back to the old life, but in the “new normal way”. Check what these students have to say-

“Really hope schools don’t reopen. I haven’t studied anything!”


Kanishka Thukral, a 12th grade commerce student told SheThePeople, “I really hope that this lockdown continues and schools don’t reopen.”

The government recently announced to reopen faculties for classes 10 and 12 to enable better learning for candidates appearing for their board examinations this year. “The entire year has been a lazy one for me, and I have kinda missed on my practise of learning every day. I hope my college doesn’t reopen anytime soon as I haven’t prepared enough to attempt for my pre-board examinations,” said Thukral. “I assume there are whole chances of COVID cases increasing after the faculties reopen if the guidelines are not strictly followed,” she further added.

“It’s a great decision, but it's not the need of the hour”


Drishti Swami, a commerce student who will soon appear for her board exams told us, “I think the fact that the faculties have decided to resume schools and colleges is a great initiative, but it wasn't the need of the hour ... I'm relieved that I will be back to my schedule and get proper coaching for HSC. Although I wish the lockdown continued for obvious leisure reasons, I'm glad that we are finally getting the vaccine.” When asked if she was convinced with the government’s decision of reopening schools, Swami said, “If I can be honest, I feel it's not necessary to resume offline schools and colleges because it's almost been a year and students have adapted to the new culture of virtual classes. The government should consider the health of teachers and students and let the classes be the way it is.”

“I feel good, but I hope they don’t rush into the process”

Students have a mixed reaction towards their faculties reopening. While some students don’t wish to get back to school until a fair number of people are vaccinated to ensure a safe environment, others can’t wait to escape their bitter reality and get back to a proper routine that keeps them occupied. However, students share that returning to school after this long break is going to be a difficult one for them as they are familiar with the online lectures now. 17-Year-Old Aakash Khithani from HR College, Churchgate in Mumbai, said, “I feel good enough, but I just hope they don’t start right away with the hardcore assignments because we aren’t in the habit of submitting assignments now.  It’s been a difficult year for teachers as well as students, I just wish that they take it easy for a while and allow us some time until we can cope up with back to school culture like the old times.”  


“I’m bored at home now, can’t wait to get back, YAY!”

Well, this student seems to be tired by the enormous pressure laid on her for doing household chores during the lockdown and she just can’t wait for her college to restart. 18-Year-Old Kashish Kinger from SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce, told SheThePeople, “Please college jaldi start Karo, Ghar pe bore hogayi hu” (Please reopen the colleges quickly, I’m bored at home). Kinger shared her lockdown experiences with us and said, “I was pushed to do the household chores which I had never done before. Moreover, my mom consistently taunted me for being a procrastinator, unlike my friends who actively helped their family with all the chores!! I am very much happy that the colleges are finally opening.”

“I’ve lost my social skills to interact with people, LOL”

17-year-old Allan K from SIES College says, “I am a little excited to go to college and meet new people, but I also think that I have lost my social skills to interact with people, LOL!” Allan further said, “Studying online gets a little unbearable for me sometimes, but it’s pretty convenient.”

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