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5 Things That Put Me Out Of My Depressive Episode

How To Escape Depressive Episode
I’m going to keep formal introductions to a blog aside because when you’re having a bad day, I assume you’ll have little patience for it. There are certain things that put me out of my depressive episode and I’m willing to share them with you. I cannot guarantee that the things that help me might prove useful to you, but here’s hoping that you find some hope on your dark days. When all else fails, sitting with your feelings helps.

How To Escape Depressive Episode In Life?

Talking To Someone

I’m an extrovert. However, I’m also selective about who I surround myself with. My energy is precious to me and not everyone has access to it. I open up to a few people when I’m having a bad day. I like talking about what bothers me. It somehow makes me feel lighter. I’m not averse to advice when I’m facing a solution-centric problem. However, when I’m not, I prefer only a listening ear. I like to establish that I only mean to vent and am looking forward to emotional support. I let my listener know this beforehand so that I do not burden them and they do not burden me with advice when I’m not looking for it.


Well, this has not helped me much. I did reach out to therapy when things got bad for me at one point. It did not work out for me. Funding the right therapist I’ve realised is much like finding your match online. What did it for me last time is when one of the therapists justified abuse and another suggested breathing exercises for my trauma. I have nothing against breathing exercises. A deep breath I do believe helps set things right. However, I did not believe the exercise helped me overcome much.

I’m open to trying therapy again in the future. I do believe in asking for help when I need it should I have the resources to.

Seema Aunty could have profited by playing matchmaking for therapists. But that’s not going to happen anytime soon, so I’m going to have to hunt for myself.


I’m new to this. But I do believe chopping vegetables into fine pieces and later stirring them brings me calm when I’m having a tough day. You could try it too if your time and skills allow you. I don’t quite look forward to cooking because it means that I have no food readily available. I do not like the thought of having to put in work on a tough day. But an empty stomach will put me in an even worse mood, so I have little choice there.

Binging A Good Series

I can be seen doing this every day. My mini breaks for work (which turn into bigger breaks for this) are usually spent doing just this. I’m currently watching GoT. When I feel very disturbed, I feel that visuals serve me better than reading. I feel that visuals force your head to forget playing visuals of what it has been through and focus on visuals of fiction. I find it difficult to focus on words and follow them when I’m hurting. Visuals let me slip away more easily.


This is probably the last thing you want to do when you’re hurting. But sometimes work helps to create space between you and what’s hurting you. It keeps your mind occupied. When my trauma overpowers me and I cannot seem to work, I like to take a break from it. Other times when what hurts me isn’t as overpowering and I have no control over it, I like to resort to focusing on work. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and helps keep me sane. It helps me believe that I’m still worthy. Sometimes I end up feeling insecure, unsafe, and useless when I’ve been through something hurtful. Work helps me believe otherwise.

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