30 Reasons I Don't Want To Get Married Before I Turn 30

I am not sure if I'll ever want to get married but if I do, it's surely not gonna be before I turn 30.

Jul 26, 2021 06:01 IST
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I don't want to marry for now. I hope dear society you will leave me alone? In Indian households, daughters are taught to keep themselves engaged in household chores; learn to adjust, compromise and be soft spoken. All of this because their family members take it for granted that one day they will get married and step into their "own house".

It hardly matters whether the women give their consent or not. For Brown parents, getting their daughters married holds much more importance than seeing her happy. Luckily enough, I come from a progressive family that never raises the topic of a marriage. But I don't know how long is it going to stay that way.

I am aware that after a couple of years, just like all other Indian parents, my parents too might start their groom hunt for me. However, what I am sure of is I am in no way going to tie the knot, at least before I turn 30. It's not just because I don't fit into the traditional role of a wife who is an all rounder at domestic work. It's also because I see no point in getting married early and regretting when I can get married out of choice and have a comfortable life.

I don't want to marry before I turn 30 for me and these are my damn good 30 reasons!

  1. First of all, I need to start believing in marriages to get married.
  2. I need the next 5 years to fix my career.
  3. Before I get married, I want to spend some quality time with myself and my girl gang.
  4. Marriage can wait, my dream to have a house of my own cannot. So I'm focussing on that.
  5. I have never been in a relationship. How can I marry someone directly?
  6. Knowing a person through and through before sealing the deal is essential and that does not happen overnight.
  7. Marriage is a responsibility I am not ready to bear any time soon.
  8. I simply cannot bear the undue societal pressure of having children.
  9. Frankly speaking, I am scared of intimate relationships.
  10. Women are not 'incomplete' without marriage and children.
  11. I am not prepared to go through the rigmarole of childbirth.
  12. Let me first stop mentally dating celebrities who don't know that I exist.
  13. A marriage would mean a series of sacrifices and compromises, which I am not ready for.
  14. Why get married when I can spend my life with dogs?
  15. I don't want or "need" a partner.
  16. I fear getting married would make me a dependent.
  17. I am ready to wait as long as I meet someone who would accept me just as I am.
  18. Indian weddings involve sexist and regressive rituals.
  19. If I ever decide to get married, I want it to be a court marriage.
  20. I can't let my marital status become my identity.
  21. I am ready to fight all social stigmas and taboo surrounding unmarried women.
  22. Finding someone within the same age bracket as me with common choices is a tough task.
  23. I just cannot get married for the sake of it.
  24. I believe I can take a fair decision only once I'm 30.
  25. The fear of being dominated, domestic violence and an unhappy marriage is real.
  26. What if I go for an arranged marriage and get stuck with a man-child?
  27. Find me a man who believes in and executes gender equality. Only then I'll give consent to a lifelong commitment.
  28. I don't see marriage as an 'achievement' for women.
  29. Marriage is not the ultimate motive of a woman's life.
  30. I first want desi parents to stop using "I'll get you married" as a threat to their daughters.

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