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I Am A 30-year-old Who Beat Breast Cancer, Read My Story

Vaccine Against Cervical Cancer

I Am A 30-year-old Who Beat Breast Cancer: At times you have to embrace life when it is going totally against you!

I was down with COVID-19 and there was panic and thus I was admitted to a hospital. During the CT scan, they detected a lump on my breast which had to be further tested so read my discharge summary.

At this point, my parents were down with COVID-19 infection too and taking care of them was my priority. Thus, along with that I went to some doctors, alone, and got myself checked. Broke the news to my family casually saying this needs to be operated and got myself admitted. Celebrated my birthday at tabletops dancing and then patiently waited to get discharged from the hospital. The wait was restless but I made sure the hospital made my birthday a big deal and we cut a cake with all the staff and on coming back home my room was full of gifts!

I used to dress up and go for my Chemo sessions Beat Breast Cancer

Soon the news of Cancer was broken to me and I cried buckets and buckets because I was not ready and Chemotherapy sounded scary. After collecting myself, again, I looked around and told myself that this is only going to happen for the better and I will heal and become healthier. I used to dress up and go for my Chemo sessions and at times eat a lot extra because for 4-5 post-chemo days my body would not take in any food. I kept in mind that I know I am fighting something Big but also my parents are fighting it with me mentally if not physically. I made sure I ate when I could even with a spoon of lentil soup to become better. I channelled all my energy into doing things I love – painting, watching Netflix, playing board games. I would only listen to my doctor and fellow survivors on how to tackle this and not read unnecessary things online and waste my energy.

I kept in mind that I know I am fighting something Big but also my parents are fighting it with me mentally if not physically.

Two weeks after my first Chemotherapy session my hair started falling. Even though I would manifest / chant for it not to, some things will happen. Not making a big deal I booked myself ‘a haircut appointment’ and shaved off! It was a liberating feeling and now I did not have to bother more about the hair fall. I celebrated every cycle getting over and I set deadlines to myself that I need to recover from every cycle in 4-5 days. It is because I could train my mind and I believed I could do it, nothing stopped me.

What followed next was radiation. Going to the hospital daily and waiting for 4-5 hours was crazy in a pandemic scenario and I was more worried for my mom who was getting exposed. I used to go visit the nurseries around and discover places around the hospital. This way my mom was also less stressed seeing me be so casual about my radiations therapy.

Don’t be shameful of something they have fought so courageously

I used to flaunt my bald head and motivate others to do it while sitting in the waiting room. I would tell people not to be shameful of something they have fought so courageously. I would sit during my chemo and share whatever helped me with others and watch the little kids come back from their chemotherapy sessions. Looking at them smile while getting their treatment motivated me so much.

Post my treatments I went to Goa to celebrate my beating cancer while creating a hashtag for myself #warriormoon. I spoke about my journey because there are so many people who do not get self-assessed, do not want to think the BIG C. I also joined dating apps back to understand how is it that an opposite gender reacts to a woman who beat cancer and broke some preconceived notions.

Swati Garg is a Cancer Survivor. The views expressed are the author’s own.

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