Indore: 34-Year-Old Patient Who Recovered From COVID-19 Diagnosed With Green Fungus Infection

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Green fungus infection: A 34-year-old COVID-19 survivor in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, has been moved to a hospital in Mumbai by air ambulance. He is reportedly infected by green fungus, a senior doctor said on Tuesday. It is arguably the first such reported case in the country.

A senior doctor from Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences (SAIMS) said that ‘Green Fungus’ is the newest infection to join earlier reported cases of black, white and yellow fungus after AIIMS chief Randeep Guleria warned against creating speculation about the disease last month. The patient had recovered from the virus but insists on undergoing a test on the suspicion that he had contracted the dreaded black fungus infection (mucormycosis), PTI quoted a senior doctor on Tuesday. Last month, many states and union territories had declared ‘Black Fungus’, which is a post-COVID-19 complication, an epidemic. More here.

SAIMS doctors, however, said the newest disease is an Aspergillosis infection and more research is needed to evaluate its possible impact. The patient, who battled COVID-19 for two months before experiencing severe nosebleeds and fever, was diagnosed with the infection after doctors found it in his sinuses, lungs and blood.

Green Fungus is an infection that had earlier been seen only as a “junior partner” in other cases, a senior doctor said. He added that the fungus is acting as an aggressor and has affected the patient’s lungs, NDTV reported.

The man was admitted to a local hospital two months ago with the coronavirus infection spread in the lungs and was treated in the ICU for about a month. “The patient recovered. But then he started having nose bleeds and high fever. He had also become very weak due to weight loss,” the doctor said. Earlier, the Black fungus infection has been reported in several states amongst recovered COVID-19 patients especially those on steroid therapy and deranged sugar control.

Doctors say the rare fungal infection could affect a person’s face, nose, the orbit of the eye, or brain, which can cause even vision loss. It can also spread to the lungs. Read about the Symptoms of Black Fungus here.