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People Said, “You Can’t Travel With A Two-Month-Old Baby”

Anindita Chatterjee
Do a woman’s dreams take a backseat after embracing motherhood? “Not at all, the dreams only get bigger”, says Anindita Chatterjee ( Influencer : @travel.chatter) who has travelled to 71 countries so far. She is all set to travel to the 72nd country with her 6-month-old baby. Here’s her story.

“Right from landing up in Cyprus with a handwritten visa to jumping off high cliffs into roaring waterfalls in Costa Rica to fishing and eating piranhas in the Amazon Forest, travelling has always been an important part of my life. I had already hit the milestone of travelling to 70 countries before having my baby.

After Kiara took birth, people told me, “You must pause your travelling till she is six months old”. Some said, ‘It’s all about the baby. Your baby will decide your schedule’. I didn’t pay attention to them. ‘How can I stop living my dreams after becoming a mom? My dreams will only get bigger now’, I thought to myself when people expressed their shock on learning that a new mother was heading on a trip with her 2-month-old infant. I wanted to make my baby adapt to my life rather than me adapt to hers and I knew she would love it.

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Her first vacation to Kerala was a bit challenging because I was clueless about how she will react. Luckily, she didn’t cry much during the flight and that was a big relief. I realised that the key was to embrace slow travel. I also did a lot of research before visiting any place and was in constant touch with my paediatrician and carried all the emergency medicines with me. I must also mention that the first time she smiled was on our return flight from Kerala.
She has already covered 8 destinations in India so far. She has been to mountains, monasteries and beaches. She has been a happy traveller so far and has adapted very well to my travelling life. Of course, there are days when she gets cranky but it’s manageable.

A lot of mothers have been totally in awe of me and how I am breaking all stereotypes attached to being a new mom. I have been getting tons and tons of messages from women telling me that they want to embrace motherhood after seeing my journey as they are now convinced that one doesn’t have to stop living one’s life after having a baby.

Kiara is now 6-months-old and all set for her first International trip to Europe. I truly believe that happiness is the most important ingredient of motherhood and only a happy mother can raise a happy child”

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