Here's Why "Hate My Girlfriend" Twitter Thread Reeks Of Misogyny

An X thread where men have enthusiastically been sharing how they hate their girlfriends has been going viral recently. The thread soon turned into a hub for a few men who reek of misogyny and narcissism to share how they started hating their girlfriends.

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An X (formerly Twitter) thread where men have enthusiastically been sharing how they hate their girlfriends has been going viral in recent times. The thread started with the title, “When you start hating your gf” which is yet another indication of how deeply rooted misogyny is prevalent in society.


An X user named "Luu" who goes by the username @sk1tguru started the thread by writing, “That phase where you slowly start hating your girlfriend is crazy.” The thread soon turned into a hub for men who reek of misogyny, patriarchy, and narcissism to share how they started hating their girlfriends.

What Is Hate My Girlfriend Thread

For instance, one user wrote, “When she says good morning you just start feeling nauseous.” Another said, “When you try to hold back the happiness when she’s crying because you hurt her." A third user tweeted, “When you’re having a good day, her hugging you makes it bad.” A fourth user commented, “When you’re wondering why you’re having such a peaceful day and it turns out she’s giving you the silent treatment.” A fifth user wrote, “When her kisses start feeling like being licked by a dog.”

Well, the list keeps going, and it only gets worse. Upon coming across this unhealthy trend, all I could think was, "Are these men even for real?" Why are they even in the relationship if they are no longer in love with their girlfriends? What happiness do they derive from trash-talking about their girlfriends in public? Why not just break up and move on instead of leading women on like this? Or is this all just for fun?

Why Is It Problematic?

It’s problematic on so many levels. How is the idea of men degrading their girlfriends among their buddies or on a public platform humorous? It only encourages harmful gender stereotyping, and gender norms, and reduces women to nothing but a subject of mockery. It shows how some men treat women like nobodies and deprive them of their self-respect and dignity.


What kind of boyfriend would a man who engages in this kind of tweet make? How toxic will that relationship be? Discussions like this only normalise problematic behaviour and reinforce patriarchal norms. The concept of respectful and healthy relationships seems alien to the men participating in this viral trend.

While one might wonder what’s wrong with men taking to social media to express their grief or share their experience of being in a toxic relationship, the thing is, it’s not that. The fact is, these are men who are "human red flags," spewing hatred at women. The tweets are so hateful that they have become so hard to read.

Can't They Just Break Up Instead?

It’s okay to fall out of love or feel that you are growing different from your girlfriend, but is it necessary to degrade women in public? How cold-hearted is it to gaslight and emotionally abuse them? What kind of pleasure does someone derive from belittling others? Doesn’t that make the person sick?

If the relationship isn’t working, why can’t these men behave like healthy and mature adults? Can't they either resolve the issue or just break up so that both parties can move on with their lives? Is that too much to ask for from relationships these days?

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